Wednesday, January 04, 2006

The Assimilated Nina Gordon (audio)

TAN meets TANG: The Beginning (introduced by Ali Z.)

TAN says, "TANG, where you from?"

TANG says, "I'm coming straight outta compton."

TAN says, "Word?? You don't look the part."

TANG says, "Niggas start to mumble, they wanna rumble, mix 'em and cook 'em up in a pot like gumbo ..."

TAN says, "Marry Me!!"

TANG says, "My AK-47 is the tool. Don't make me act a motherfuckin' fool..."

The Wedding Song


  1. So glad you've discovered the incomparable Ms. Gordon!

    So when I'm in your blog, er neighborhood, you better duck, cuz Dragon (like Ice Cube) is crazy as fuck . . . !

  2. You know, TAN, I've always thought YOU were the type of brother that'll smother my mother.. AND make my sister think you love her..

    Wait a minute here..

  3. I enjoyed her rendition. I like it when pretty meets the f-word. If only I had musical talent!

  4. this is awesome. easily the best cover of straight outta compton ...

    so when's the TAN/TAN song come out?

  5. I meant TAN/TANG of course. duh.

  6. Wow! Ice Cube finally revealed that he was a hot white girl! Hmm....maybe I can now bring myself to watch, "Are We There Yet?"

    ...probably not.

  7. Damn...another of my ideas stolen by people I really wouldn't want to fight about it with! (In middle school I wrote a screenplay for a Star Trek meets STNG movie and look what happened a few years later...) In college I was completely smitten with this skater kid named Matt who loved ODB and Ice Cube and Method Man. To win his affection I made him a mix tape (yeah, I said it) that as a bonus included my stiring rendition of some classics. The cassette cover (hey, I am an artist, of course I made a cover) included the title: "Staight Out Of Compton" with a fake spray paint line through Compton and the word "Tampa" inserted. Mine was funny, but TANG does it the justice it deserves.

  8. this is unoriginal. black people have been imitating thugged out rap songs with overtly white vocal patterns for years...anybody every heard of wayne brady.

    still its kind of funny to hear an "extra white" white girl say nigga, like she didn't look to the left and right as she said it to make sure no black people overheard...then again, lets hear her do it live at the apollo right?

    this does beg the question...when is there going to be a white girl emcee...and i don't mean a white girl who acts like a black girl, or a parody artist white girl ala Marcy X. i mean a white girl with white girl sensibilities who just happens to be an adequate rhymesayer...that will be the death knell of hip hop (as an expression of urban angst) if it has not already rung. or maybe i am just not assimilated enough?

    mr. wilson

  9. maybe it would help if I heard the original version?

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