Monday, October 23, 2006

The Year In TAN: Real Talk Edition (October)

The Year In TAN: Because Sex Sells Edition (September)

"son I'm quick, distilled sick, for city-slicks and hicks..."
- TAN/Jor-El, "Show Me The Money"

October 2005 was the first month that gave me an "archive." I suspect every blogger notices that first transition from the end of your first month into a new one. I don't know if it should even be called an "archive" until you make it out of the first month. I'm also surprised we don't call them "chives" for short.

It's really remarkable when I think back to fall last year, because I had such a different perspective. There was a lot going on personally, and this was my escape. And escape I did, putting up over 50 posts during the month. Most of it original content, of all varieties - music, video, and tons-o-words. I just sort of zoned out and will to powered on here.

Looking back, what I find most charming is that I had no sense of the "blog culture." I didn't know about RSS feeds, technorati, barely comprehended the idea of a blog roll, let alone a blog-network business model. I didn't know about the parties, or the paid gigs, or blog-to-book deals (though i was in search of a book deal, and sorry about three gawk-links in a row, but i have a lot of linking to do.). I didn't put up a picture with each post. I didn't worry about word count. I didn't know traffic drops on the weekend. I was in a vacuum, and I just wanted to make an impression, and ultimately engage with this new world.

At the end of September I discovered Larry's blog, he had a post about Snark All-Stars, I didn't really know about "snark" (a caucasian term if I ever heard one), but I knew I wanted to be on that damn all-star list. With so man blahgs, it can be tough to get attention. At the time I was leaving slightly obnoxious comments with all these NYC blog-stars, they were chilly at first, but they warmed up eventually.

I kicked off the month with a classic. Sometimes I'm off in my own world, but this one was topical, in response to the hubbub over Bill Bennett's "racist" remarks. Looking at the comments, it's interesting to see how attentive I was in the comment section. Something I don't do much anymore. I also get a smile out of Copyranter, who is rarely so earnest in chiming in, even emblazoning the comment with the "CR" stamp.

Continuing on, it's amusing to relay that the source for this post on gas, is the same source for this post on gas about a year later. Someone has a problem. You know who you are.

Speaking of problems. I obviously had a blog-intoxication problem, as I was up all hours of the night posting. Actually, it wasn't a problem, I was just FOCUSED son. Pace myself? Nah son, I had three posts of pure gold up before 8:21 AM. Then I'd go away for the day, come back and hit you with the hip hop food for thought, including something you didn't know about the importance of Diddy and BIG,
And it wasn’t just the music/product. He also tweaked the message. With Puff we really begin to see the evolution from criminality that is politicized and/or angry (like an NWA or Public Enemy), to a crime that is now about empowerment. It’s about capital and capitalism. Get Rich Or Die Tryin'. It used to be more about the fight and independence, because that’s all you had. You, your heart, and your pride. But with Notorious BIG as the ultimate pitchman, the message became one of Thinking Man’s crime. “How we gonna make this money so we can live how we want to live?” This familiar, but slightly remixed, hip hop package exploded with Puff at the helm.
Word son. Then just because I hated leaving "serious" posts up as a first impression for visitors, I'd throw up a question like this right after it.

My "filler" posts now are more apt to be newsy bits I notice, or get sent to me. Before I used those posts to "reciprocate-fellate" those who were spreading the TAN love. I was such an adorable, cute little baby-blog in the beginning. Now I'm a nasty old adult with an ego and an agenda. That might be overstating it, I'm probably more like a teen in transition. When I get off blogger, that's when I'll be an adult.

The nanny piece
was originally a video/sketch idea, and was sort of topical because I had a lot of moms-with-blogs reading. I'd still like to get video of someone grabbing a kid by their ankles and throwing them across the room, where they land in a "sniveling heap."

Hugh at gapingvoid has been a big TAN supporter, but we first met via TANathustra talking about mARTketing.

True is still a big online presence, and copyrant is still talking about them; I, of course, had to note when they started using darker (but not too dark) ladies in their ads.

Mid-month, I said I wanted to shift gears, and I did that via the song for Gawker.

Afterwards my traffic started spiking, so I felt compelled to put up more information about TAN. An audio room, which only had three or four items at the time. And by the end of the month, a press room. TAN had arrived, holla!

Village Voice just recently dropped their Best of NYC issue; I was in it for various reasons, and in various capacities, last year. It prompted me to make a separate blog for my demo CD.

I wrote about last year's stank World Series, of course, as it turns out, this year it's even more stank.

Speaking of stank, I wanted to make sure my readers understood what I was talking about, so I posted a glossary. I should probably update that sometime soon.

For some reason there were a lot of false news reports that smelled like onion.

And the Gawker ditty went over so well, I posted the ones I did for Dodgeball and Nerve, and started making tan-jam audio a regular feature.

All of that, and I still had time to celebrate Rosa Parks Day, and shoutout my homey Sir Anthony Hopkins.

Ok, I've lost the narrative thread here, and it's getting long (again), so we'll wrap it up. It was a fun month, chock full of TAN goodness, and quite possibly my favorite 30-day period. If you need an example of what kind of blogging you need to do to make an impression, this is my submission. For better or worse, it worked for me. And of course i send love to all of you who visited and helped make a chilly October hot-like-fire.

metaphorical or otherwise related song: Someday
total # of posts: 50+
most commented: 100 Things ABout TAN
new TAN peeps/early adopters who deserve my unending affection: orange, mona, jack(angela), ali z, annush, herb, gia, hugh, AK, spinachdip, niki

Year In TAN - September


  1. aw, Pat - the road was a bit bumpy, but you'll always be Ass'N to me.

  2. I wasn't as addicted to you then as I am now, but this is a nice review, and i can't believe how much content you put out there.

    when are we going to get another month like that?

  3. Anonymous10/23/2006

    I really like your nerve song most, of all your songs.

    keep up the good work tan

  4. Keeping busy huh? Um, just so you know...that was me just now who ordered a cd if there is any problem with the address let me know at my blog

    I've enver bought anything with pay pal before so who knows if I screwed up or not...

    sorry to cahnge the topic, your blog pursuits sounded good here!


  5. i love all the onion, or smells-like-onion stuff. great work all around.

  6. jack - smooches. the shredded2bits days were fun.

    choatey - good question ... see The Strokes song for appropriate answer

    candy - I'll check it out, and holla at you later on the cd

    carl, anon - thx

    ahhh ... comment responses, just like the good ol days

  7. TAN- I LOVE YOU!!!

    Has it only been a year?!

  8. funny month of material. I like the bit about making eye contact, talking with your eyes etc.

  9. BTW, I saw a Dutch movie the other day, and there was a sign in a small town that read Spanish Harlem. (I could swear it was spelled that way.) You see a lot of wooden shoes in your neighborhood?

    And if you've never studied the story of how the Dutch celebrate Christmas, you should know that St. Nicholas is accompanied by black men all named Piet (a.k.a. Pete), who are responsible for going down the chimney with presents. In the movie, the Piets were all white men in blackface. Some schoolchildren dress up as Piet and go in blackface, too.


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