Thursday, November 09, 2006

Ghetto Pass Excess

So I mentioned a new weekly feature I'm doing on Gawker, it's called Ghetto Pass. Basically TAN gives you a tour of the ghetto in the style of Frommer's. First installment is about the Ghetto Chinese Spot.
The Ghetto Chinese Spot (GCS) is a culinary institution that transcends race, cultures, and partisan politics. If you need cheap (Go Democrats!!), like your Chinese highly Americanized (Go Lucy Liu!!), or could go for a nap (Go 'Itis!!), this Shangri-la of trans fat is your target destination. Feed your family of five, and put them to bed all for $10 or less.
So look for that today, and every Thurs. going forward.

There's always excess with these things, so here was a section that I cut:

I mentioned the GCS transcends race. This means everyone is welcome, but it doesn’t mean everyone is treated the same. Here’s a handy greetings-demographic guide so you know what to expect:
  • White Male/Female: “Hello, how are you, may I take your order.”
  • Black Male/Female: “Hi.” *look of cautious consternation
  • Black male age 15-19: “We don’t want no trouble, you get food, but you no eat here!”
  • Asian Male/Female: Unintelligible language. Possibly Chinese.
Ghetto Pass [Gawker]
I'm Not Sure If Frommer's Has Actually Been To NYC


  1. addendum:

    (Asian Male/Female: Unintelligible language. Possibly Chinese.)

    gets exclusive food item not on the menu

  2. I used to live right around the corner from a Ghetto Chinese Spot (in Bed-Stuy) and, because I'm lazy, I ate there all the time. I was, always, the only one that the clerks were nice to and I'd always get my food way before the other non-white customers who'd already been waiting when I came in.

    Liberal guilt like a two-ton weight. To be fair, though, I seemed to always be the only patron who was nice and pleasent to the staff. I think there was a whole cycle of ill-will being bred there.

    Good eggrolls, though.

  3. It's since shut down, but here in Atlanta there was a combo Chinese-Soul place called "Chicken is Chicken but the Wing is the Thing." I don't know that it actualy qualifies for a GCS though, as it was in the immediate downtown area and not the part of Atlanta my mother would commonly refer to as "lock your doors."

  4. pure genius, TAN.

    love the new column. LOVE you.

    do you like white chicks? (i'm from the ghetto.)

  5. awesome idea. love getting to see the cuttings here. exclusive ghetto pass privileges aqui. Sorry to see hispanics don't show up on your break down. If you need a latina research volunteer keep me in mind.

  6. Anonymous11/10/2006

    They are expanding now. There is a Chinese-Cuban take out place about a block away from Bloomingdale's flagship store in NYC (not the ghetto, yall). And I've ate many a soft taco at a Chinese-Mexican joint.
    You ain't neva lied about Harlem (see Gawker)! : )

  7. Ahhh! TAN you've never lied about the best-selling Chinese Chicky Wings and Frenchy Fries. I am probably on their list of "most likely to buy 4 wings w/ fries". The BK GCS's are the best because they cater to the Caribbean and Hispanic people and put sweet plantains on the menu!

  8. Anonymous11/11/2006

    What about Jamaican Chinese? There are two near me (PLG/Flatbush). You haven't lived until you've had jerk chicken lo mein!

  9. This post it just terrible. But I guess people will do ANYTHING for a quick laugh or whatever. No "ghetto" does not have to be associated with Black people, but you don't help the stereotype any less by agreeing to take part in such stupidity.

    But obviously I'm just the one not getting it. Though that's perfectly fine with me, I'd rather not. God Bless you on being "assimilated" and "liking white folks and vise versa".

    Lemme know when they disappoint you. As my mother always told us "white people are friendly, but they are not your friends.

  10. greatest. feature. idea. ever.

    keep it coming TAN. riding the racial divide is tough, but i think you're doing it well so far homeh.


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