Monday, January 29, 2007

Smells Like Negro Musk (The Sequel)

Popped in on Gawker today to drop this off.

I make jokes, but I didn't think the piece was bad by any means. "Blipster" didn't go over, to say the least, but it's a reasonable suggestion. That said when I inquired about the same subject last year, I, too, was a little behind on the current status quo, but was still able to extend the thought:
Hipsters are our first graduates from the school of racial equality (SORE). They are our first look at a new generation. Of course they have gook on their heads, look a little underdeveloped, and generally make you say ewww (which, by the way, is the new "make you say hmmm"). They have issues. But the thing is none of those issues are race issues. You think Blackface Jesus is a product of "old-school Jim Crow" sensibility, or is he a product of "I could give a fuck about this race shit" sensibility. I'm guessing the latter. And if I'm wrong I guess I'll kick his ass later.
So, that's cool. But if you're still doubting my prescience, in the comment I left a little over a year ago, I used the word "cipher," and I'm pretty sure it's the only time I used the word "cipher" on Gawker, except, of course, for last week's Ghetto Pass.

That's kind of weird right? I mean, yes, maybe I'm too into my own butt, but it's a little notable, no? If you were me, you'd notice it right?

Now how about when I tell you that I wrote this post right after I left that comment, and I'm just publishing it now.

bwahahahaha ..holla!

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  1. T.A.N.,

    My brotha, from anotha mutha again comes with it.

    I personally enjoy Nirvana, Red Hot Chili Peppers, No Doubt and others. Good music is good music not matter the genre or writer.

    Yes, I went to a predominantly white, private middle school. Yes, that was the music that was played during all the dances. So yes, I have taken a liking to it, but I will say that is has helped me become more open to all music. Singers like Angelique Kidjoe and groups like Moloko.

    Expand your minds craig. There is more to life than booty rockin everywhere.

    T.A.N. I get you man.

    Ms. Denva


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