Monday, May 16, 2011

Negro Law: Can One Participate In Mandingo Parties?

More TAN Blasts from the Past. Remember that exposé on Mandingo Parties in Details Magazine? Well refresh your memory below, cause really, who wants to forget folks were maybe running Mandingo Parties in Florida a few years ago? my offer to BET to produce a Jackass-for-Black-people reality series called "Mandingo Mansion" still stands. 

As delivered to Channel O:

So if you didn't get your wig properly pushed back last week, then you probably didn't read this Details piece on Interracial Orgies (the evite would actually say: "Mandingo Parties.").

Apparently this guy "Art Hammer" started a "Florida Mandingo Group" four years ago, where white couples and black sex addicts pay to have a party where negro studs re-enact the archetypal scene from any black-on-white porno movie; white housewives get the business while their husbands watch.

Now, explicit old school racism aside, the whole thing smells like Jim Crow's nutsack because of two main issues:

1) The wives are not necessarily hot, or even globally warm. The article paints a flaccid-inducing picture with descriptions like, "These women resemble Kathy Bates more than they do Kathy Ireland," and "a pudding of cellulite."

2) These guys supposedly have no less than 8 inches, well-tended bodies, and ivy league educations, yet are paying to whore themselves out at these parties. Do they not teach supply-and-demand economics at Harvard or Yale? Lesson 1: Hot & Smart doesn't pay to have sex with Fat & Racist. What is going on here?
Do the phone-sex hotline commercials in Florida show chunky women eating deviled eggs purring in their whiny housewife voices, "get your chiseled jigaboo ass down here so you can pay $75 to find my vagina underneath folds of flesh." Yes, I'm sure the Tyson Beckford/Cornel West hybrid doing crunches while reading Dostoyevsky (again) is saying, "Well, she did call me a jigaboo. Count me in!"

Of course we're told the connections these IVY-LEAGUE EDUCATED negroes receive make it all worth it (Lesson 2: one attends an ivy league school for the connections!), and so we're compelled to consider scenarios where "judges, CEOs, and FBI agents" may give an ivy-league educated negro a job if his penis is over 8 inches long and inserted in his wife's ass. For example:

How'd you get your job Leroy?

oh, you wouldn't believe it dude! I "mutted" out this judge's wife. And well, you know these judges, they have lunch with FBI guys and CEOs all the time, so bim bam bap, boom boom boom, one Jew calls another, and next thing you know here I am, online features editor at Radar!! (xo Jordan!)

Wow, that's pretty cool. Congratulations. I'm going to report you now.

So anyridiculous, I'm not trying to suggest the facts of this article are bullsh*t, I'm just saying they are certainly ENTERTAINING!


What if? Isn't it all "Get Assimilated Or Die Tryin'" these days? And sex is such a ubiquitous means of empowerment, who am I to quibble over the Details? Even the basest, most despicable brand of hip hop is justifiable if it keeps a young would-be ipod snatcher off the street, right? So who am I to judge how these mandingos make, err, lose their money?

Whether the facts hold up or not, the spirit of the article seems to pose a query to black people: Is it time to erase the lines? Do standards of decency and self-integrity matter any more? Maybe the BET version of Jackass is Mandingo Mansion. And you don't have to buy it, but surely some people will.

Soooo ... can I pay to be used as a Mandingo and still call myself a Man in the morning?

Or are we not ready for that yet?

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  1. Come on now. How many bruhs you know would pass up a chance to bang a fat white chick? Not many, as evidenced by all the fat white chicks I see with mixed kids, at Wal Mart. lol

    1. Anonymous4/15/2014

      Where I live it's all about who can get a white chick to a party and get her black banged. I have seen ugly ladies, beautiful ladies, fat ladies, and skinny ladies, The common thread is that they were white and they were there for the black men to enjoy. Another point of interest is that they were picked up by a black to do a black gangbang so the white ladies probably know the guys from prior experience.

  2. The MWF4BBC thing is big in the suburbs, middle America and the south. I was going to do a tory about them myself, and attended a number of them. Mostly, they are gangbangs, and mostly, the fees are to cover the hotel room. The women are there with thier husbands, and they are being fucked porno-style. The ones (three, with the same group) I observed always ended with the wife enjoying it too much and the husband stomping off. As a result of pop-culture fetishing and boredom, these parties are big in hot beds of racial strife.

    Go figure.

  3. I think the more interesting story would be "slavery fetishism," which I am glad to say I have never participated in myself but believe is a magazine feature article waiting to happen. or at least a saucy Dan Savage letter.

  4. I have to confess, I wanted to call bullshit on this too. Bullshit on the reporter for cloaking this in "empowerment" terms, at the very least, if not bullshit on it actually happening.

  5. Gangsta D does have a damn good point.

    Bill Maher (two weeks ago, on his show): "We all know the government likes to make things illegal that will help to fill our prisons with young black guys. I'm surprised fat, white women haven't been outlawed yet."


  6. c'mon, TAN! everyone knows that black guys will fuck anything that's white and has a vagina. don imus told us all that years ago.

  7. Really, after I read the comments that were posted to this magazine article's forum, I was truly struck by how distorted modern life is. We truly must have too much time on our hands.

    I saw a fellow by the name of Larry Birkhead on the television set today. He was beaming. I think he sold about 10 million magazines this week. But what about the actual infant at the heart of this "news" story. Do you think Could anyone, in good faith, potentially procreate with someone as chronically doped-up as Anna-Nicole?

    I hope you all know that America wouldn't be at war if your fellow Americans had to experience a little bit of rationing.

    Fuck the vaccinations, I think that the stupid are winning.

  8. Yeah, without cash on the nightstand I couldn't figure out the benefit of being young, talented and black giving the high hard one to old and floppy. I like white women and pork chops as much as the next negro, but I'll be damned if I'm going to pay for the privledge. Hell, if you're going to open the checkbook, you might as well spring for the high-priced talent.

  9. tenpin4/10/2007

    There's one thing in here that makes the whole article suspect for me. Not only as TAN said: Lesson 1: Hot & Smart doesn't pay to have sex with Fat & Racist... Why would Hot and Smart and Black Males pay three times as much as Flabby and Racist and her husband pay for the two of them... Why would a Smart and Hot Black Entrepreneur who sets these deals up charge his Hot, Smart Brethren three times as much?

  10. eauhellzgnaw4/11/2007

    It makes sense if you consider that this is a psychological, not a physical thing. These black dudes have a bonin massa's wife fetish, so the fact that these women are married to rich and powerful (and racist) white guys is what does it for them. The white women that these guys date in their personal lives (assuming that they date white women) are probably decent looking.

    Even if it were physical, people's fetishes often cloud their judgment. Have you ever met a guy with an Asian fetish who swears up and down that a busted chick is fine just cause she's Asian? Or how about a chick who goes nuts over a lite-skinntit negro with wavy hair and/or green eyes, even though he is fat and has bad skin?

  11. Anonymous3/21/2008

    We're "in the lifestyle" although we've avoided the "party scene" as described in the article. We know of and could go to at least 3-4 of these per month if we wanted to. We prefer a more intimate setting with only 1-4 or so guys and us. We do know the attendees at these parties. I would say 50% are Kathy Bates and 50% are the hot-ish soccer mom down the street or better.

    Why do the guys do it? Having read the comments after the parties on the mailing lists, because it is fun is my best answer. As sleazy as the picture is that's painted in the article, the atmosphere is really light and people are joking and fucking hard and cumming and having a great time. So, why not do it. The money aspect is trivial.

    For the couples, I can't speak for everyone, but our story is this. We were swingers for years. Mostly couples and small groups. We decided to try MFM to see what that was like. We ended up by accident meeting a friend of a friend at a club. He happened to be black and down with it. We took him to the hotel and the two of us fucked my wife every which way but loose. It was perfect. We all had an outstanding time. He was polite, respectful, well-mannered everything you hope a single guy would be and he could fuck. An attribute lacking in the majority of men. We decided why screw with success. So most of the men we've included in 3somes have been black. We've had universally good luck with having our desires met and having no bad experiences.

    So when it came time to have a gangbang, it was a local black gangbang crew that we turned to. We told them what we wanted. What kind of guys and what kind of experience. They took care of arranging it. They were consumate professionals. Respectful to a fault. They didn't drink. They didn't smoke. They were polite and fun and of course they could fuck. After three hours of fucking all three of my wife's holes, they departed. Leaving us excited and happy. I don't know if that sheds any light on the subject, but maybe it does.

  12. Anonymous5/07/2008

    Have to comment on Jimi's take: "The women are there with thier husbands, and they are being fucked porno-style. The ones (three, with the same group) I observed always ended with the wife enjoying it too much and the husband stomping off. As a result of pop-culture fetishing and boredom, these parties are big in hot beds of racial strife."

    Baby, that is why I go alone these days. My husband always wound up pouting like a six year old when he wasn't throwing a tantrum akin to a two year old.

    Besides with my husband present I can do things that he'd never approve.


  13. Anonymous5/11/2008

    Fuck afro americans. Come fuck some afro beaners. Dominicans are part spanish, more handsome, better hung, and more importantly CHEAPER.
    Book your flight today.

  14. Anonymous5/11/2008

    It's not all fun and games. My wife and I ended up splitting, some time after attending one of these. She hot hooked and the next thing I knew, she stopped having a physical relationship with me. She claimed that she stopped going but I caught her in that lie several times.

  15. TrevorCJ8/03/2008

    It's true, these types of parties do happen quite a bit actually.
    Sometimes it's an amateur porn chick organizing these parties to film at.

    She would get a bunch of brothers together and have the husband shoot video of everything, then they post it on their web site.

    Sabrina Deep is one of them (, so is Anna's, Sara, Skunk Riley ( and a bunch more.

    Not sure about the whole Ivy league myth but the rest is true.

  16. Anonymous1/31/2010

    The original article that this blog quotes, although likely based on real people, read more like a porno rag offering for one handed readers. That said, I wouldn't have found it without looking for Mandingo pictures. I'm a mixed female and on the heavy side. I don't have any kind of accent so pretty much pass for white. I'm in a relationship with a guy I LOVE but the sex just isn't there. When the relationship opened I went exploring. I have come to prefer black men, in general, because they tend to be well hung, have nice (soft) skin and be enthusiastic lays. I've asked myself a lot of the same questions that have been brought up here. Starting with the issue of body type. I've been doing the club thing for a little while and can honestly say guys of every race (whether they will admit it or not)are into exaggerated body types; Big ass, tits, over-all big, whatever. I've come to the conclusion that the idea of hooking up with "hot" women is all about STATUS. When it comes to good sex the best partner is someone who is respectful, enthusiastic and intuitive to the other persons needs as well as their own. Most people in the swing scene get that. The cultural standard is very different. If your well educated, attractive (or not) and or affluent your expected to be able to afford or attract a "hot" arm piece/wife/girlfriend/lay. This appears to be desired rout to transcending stereotype and proving self worth for many men of all races. I would agree with the folks that brought up fetishism in the Mandingo scene. The down side for me with regards to black men is that the issue of race is always on the agenda. Since I don't have a black guy fetish or any sense of taboo about it, it can get pretty tired. I will note that every party or club I've ever been to has a cover for single men and couples. This is customary and as far as I'm concerned appropriate. Space, condoms and often food is all provided plus clubs have to clean up.

  17. I do think as nauseating as it might be, it's still better to f "a puddle of cellulite" than be f'd by a puddle of cellulite. i.e. for most people, there are still worse jobs to have.

  18. Anonymous9/07/2011

    I found a smartphone with a vidoe of a white couple doing this sh!t. Posted it that night on the net for others to see, wonder what their 2 sons and 1 daughter (pix on phone) will say when a friend finds their parents online. stupid white people.

    1. Anonymous4/15/2014

      Did you try to return the phone? Or did you do the redneck thing and trade it for a 6 pack of bud?

  19. Anonymous2/26/2012

    i believe this kind of shit happening 100 percent. i have worked in a porn store for over a year now. and almost every movie i see with a non white in the mix is so overly racialized i can't help but wonder who can think that racism is in the past. every latino or latina in a movie is portrayed as some border crossing illegal/or a maid/poolboy/garderner/day laborer. and ever movie with a black guy or girl is portrayed as either some gangbanging thug or some slutty ghetto whore. pretty much every movie with interracial sex is made to be the main point in the film. 'gangland gangbang' 'chickas and brothas' brown bunnies, dirty latin maid, dirty asian whores, etc

    and the thing that is specifically related to this artical is the huge amount of white men who buy movies with black guys banging white girls. most of which do have the plot of some white guy having his wife banged by 1-10 black 'gansta' archetypes. and the reason these rich middle class white guys buy these movies is not for the humiliation (on themselves) but more for the degradation (of the white woman) because she is getting "spoiled" by black guys. it is so fucked up

  20. Anonymous4/16/2012

    Okay, so this Art Hammer....
    Guess what, they rented my house a few years ago. Used a engineering consulting firm as their business front. Thought it was a family renting for a week. (2005),
    They were not out on time, thought I was going to have to call the Sheriff's department, got in the house, condoms left laying around, neighbors called, dude, someone is moving matresses and lights out of the house.
    Once they were gone, there were signs of "DRUGS" were used in the house.
    These people rent throughout Florida, owners not aware these scum are there, and they are "sick" POS people. Sick individuals.

  21. Anonymous5/09/2012

    the whole thing is nasty as heck and i wouldnt advuce any black man to engage in this crap! what kind of man watches his sleazy wife being banged out by a nother nab ???

    1. Anonymous4/16/2014

      I know this an old post but I had to reply anyway.
      Where I live in Georgia, there are several white couples in our town that are into the interracial gangbang lifestyle. The husbands take a lot of pride in presenting our wives to the black men. The wives dress up in sexy dresses and heels to look good for their black men. At any given party there will be 5 to 7 white wives for 15 to 20 black men. My wife, like most of the other wives are in their 40s. The black guys will range in age from 20 to 25. The wives get naked and get in a bedroom and the black guys go from room to room servicing the women. My wife will try to do all the black guys there. She is gorgeous woman and the black guys always want to get a piece of her. The next day at work we brag about how many guys did our wives.

  22. Anonymous7/19/2012

    what a ow down thing to have a damn mandingo party.

  23. Anonymous7/19/2012

    how do you think that trash kim k got famous.. famous for what ? this world is messed up for sure.

    1. Anonymous4/16/2014

      Mandingo parties are cool if you are into that. My wife attends one once a month. However we don't call them Mandingo Parties. We refer to them as all black gang bangs or slut parties. Over the years, my wife has screwed many many black men. If she goes out on a date with a black guy they end up back at his place and he will usually call a couple of other black guys to show them his white play toy. She does whoever comes and from time to time a lot of her dates want to gang bang her to show her off. So once a month she meets the guys, usually 10 to 15 and they dick her down.

  24. Anonymous10/13/2013

    White husbands might as well just give up. Black men are simply superior. The women know that and want to have sex with these magnificent specimens. I'm black and very well-endowed. I met a chucky white woman at Safeway. We struck up a conversation and an hour later, her big, firm arse was quivering from multiple orgasms as she rode me and we sucked on each other's lips. She exploded again multiple times hours later as we went at it in cowgirl while I sucked on her big nips. Life is good.

  25. Anonymous4/15/2014

    Where we live, there are several black groups that enjoy screwing a married white woman. To my knowledge we have never had to pay anyone to fuck her. Black men that know us know my wife will do an all black gangbang. So whenever enough guys get ready to party, they just give us a call and we show up. The black men my wife likes to party with are very respectful. All parties involved what is allowed and what isn't and the boundaries are never crossed. The black men come in all sizes and shapes. Their occupations are varied and their education is not a concern of my wife. The lifestyle is not all about being gangbanged. There are a dozen or so local black guys that my wife visits from time to time. Generally, it's the local black guy that invites the wife to participate in an all black party. The guy my wife attends a party with is responsible for her that night. He makes sure she gets back home or to her car safely. As a husband whose wife enjoys BBC, I am there to watch the black guys do my wife. I prefer my wife to be with black men at gangbangs.

  26. Anonymous4/16/2014

    Mandingo Parties?
    My wife has been with black men the better part of ten years. The enjoys the passion the black men have for the white women. She's not fooled into thinking these black men really care anything about her. She knows every time she has sex with a black guy, he goes back and carves another notch on his headboard. She is pretty much the same as the guys are. A note in her diary how who she did and what all he did to her. She may have some of the guy's contact info in her book and anywhere from 1 to 5 stars beside his name in case she needs another date. She has told me and I have witnessed first hand that it's kind of a novelty for the black guy to get her to do his black friends and to turn her into a white gangbang ho.
    My wife participates in all black male gangbangs at least once a month or every two months. She has done so for the past five years. Most of the black men where we live know they can call her and she will put out for a party or an individual.


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