Friday, May 13, 2011

The Black Woman's Guide to Peeing in Public

1. Bring your daughter as a lookout
2. Use a car for ass/back support. Better for people to see you!
3. Bring your own TP.
5. Keep it moving ...

(more TAN classics! newer, fresher material coming soon! ...though the amount of peeing in future content is still to be determined)

thanks: Dannelle


  1. This was too funny!

  2. jessa hezyel10/08/2007

    wow this is too funny i love you blog!

  3. When you have to go, you have to go. Seriously though, that was #2.

  4. WOW! Just when I thought you have covered it all....there's this. So wrong! Could her ass have been any bigger? Why was she wearing men's undies? VERY masculine!

  5. mermaidintherudder10/09/2007

    Can we call Child Protective Services? That poor little girl.

  6. Anonymous10/09/2007

    Always park in a garage.

  7. Anonymous10/09/2007

    This is a MESS! Literally...

  8. I am HORRIBLY disgusted by this. ARe you for real???? I mean damn! Where was this and why was she doing that with the little girl present? I think that's a dyke!

  9. Anonymous10/16/2007

    Notice: she's left handed!

    Sisters: be yourselves while coexisting with men; achieve your goals without sweating over what men might think, and use humor to disarm and create bridges to resocializing men. Here's lesson #1 The solution to creating harmony between the sexes is quite simple, yet challenging to implement for those stuck in obsolete thinking and behaviors,

    Men: THINK before you park !! Remember, women have to go more frequently :-))

  10. That is so beyond nasty...

  11. that is so nasty....AND it wasn't even her car. ugh. and how you gonna PLAN to use it on the streets and bring your own damn tissue? there wasn't a mcdonald's, wendy's, burger king, NOTHING with a public restroom nearby? gross.

  12. Anonymous1/18/2009

    Why am I not surprised that a black woman from the ghetto would do such a thing. You'd think she'd go to a McDonald's or someplace and ask to use the women's lavatory.

  13. Mike B2/05/2009

    I say well done ladies! We all gotta go sometime and healthy urine is sterile, so why all the fuss? I think it is to do with deeply repressed psychological problem buried in the minds of those who complain. Remember, there was a time, not long ago, when there were NO public what did people do then?

    As a matter of fact, an old English statue law allows women to pee in public if they firdt cry out "in pain, in pain"!

    So please grow up and let nature be nature, not a bunch of whining hypocrites.

    Yours in hope for equality,

    Mike Blackwood.

  14. Anonymous6/26/2011

    franchement degueulasse et les degats qui les payes?


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