Saturday, February 07, 2009

About TAN: me, now

Here's the bio i recently sent in for The Daily Beast:

Patrice Evans is a writer whose blog "The Assimilated Negro (T.A.N.)" ( was cited by MSNBC and The Houston Chronicle as ""first in a string of blogs that act as virtual shrink's sofa for those tackling the tricky topics of race and class." Patrice and his work have sullied the reputations of venerable media institutions such as the New York Times, NPR, The Guardian, and, um, Gawker. His first book NEGROPEDIA, an encyclopedic send-up of the modern black experience in post-racial America, will be published by Crown/Three Rivers. When not tugging at the strings of his fraying sanity on TAN, he blogs for NBC New York amongst others.

OH snap! that's me, yo? it's funny, cause none of those things existed before 2005 when i started this blog... I'm still not sure what to make of that.

but the skinny on that blurb -- because this is a blog, and we should whisper and raise eyebrows and point semi-innocuously and, basically, keep it real, and underground, and... blogging's the new rapping, coming soon!! -- is my book is due in the neighborhood of summertime, so I'm gonna be writing that and working on building/spreading TAN and generally preparing for my, in the words of my publisher, "Graduation", until then (*jinx*).

in the meanwhile, in-between styles, the site's gonna get redesigned/upgraded. Probably be some guests and diversification of content. Don't be alarmed by changes, but please send in any thoughts, comments, hollas etc.! Creative collaborators, artists, high-minded thinkers [with a public face/presence] are particularly welcome. I need graphic designers, photogs, videographers and other visual artiste professionals all the time, so if you have the skills and sensibility I might even make you a sandwich or something.

Not sure the schedule, but I can say sans compunction that one of the smartest things you will ever do in your life is cop that content subscription feed joint in the top right. It's so worth the money, for real. You might want two, for you and your boo. If after a little while you don't get anything you feel worthy of your attention, YOU GET YOUR MONEY BACK!!! it's a good deal.

as for content: there's a lot of race/culture talk. i run an ethnocultural blog detective agency, and tell modern fables. look at Black History Month objectively. i talk to random strangers on the street about stuff, also non-random strangers, i rap and read, and run up a bill [at White Castle]. i get confused and pour liquor for my seersucker shorts, or confess my love for girly-drinks. but despite being comfortable enough in my alpha-manliness to discuss crying or mommy issues (no links! ), i also knock people the f out when chilling in my tan-on-TAN polo on a porch in the country.

haha. nah naw, i'm just joshing. there there, now. I don't knock people out. I like to think and talk and drink and be merry.

I don't know, maybe TAN's just a weird public access channel that's oddly compelling..(<--see, gonna have to work on that before the book drops)

i like nietzsche a lot. "the only proof of strength is excess of strength..." that's my ish right now.

I don't use the word "ish" in person.

all inquiries and feedback should go to me: email, facebook, and myspace are linked on the right. if that's difficult or inconvenient then just leave a comment. peece.

cartoon: via Brandon


  1. Anonymous2/08/2009

    WTF? Are you going bald? And why does your head look like a triangle. What the hell happened to you?

  2. waddup mo. oh, you know you've seen that look from me many times.

    i guess i do have some elliptical-triangular stuff going on there. i don't know. maybe when i diet i actually lose the weight from the frontal lobe of my brain.


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