Monday, June 20, 2011

Tracy's Inferno: The 9 Circles of Tracy Morgan

I'm up over at Grantland today. As we jump into the more-brou less-haha affair from last week. Here's a lead:

See, everyone knows Tracy, but no one really gets Tracy; the loose cannon from Brooklyn is one of our prolifically chatty personalities and dominates in the war to leave others speechless. He's ethered the whole A-list of professional smooth-talkers: burner-at-the-side-of-your-dome, formerly unflappable Jon Stewart; get-out-of-my-throne, once-unstammerable Terry Gross; eat-this-blast-of-flabbergast, previously unflabbergastable Conan O'Brien. Tracy Morgan leaves them all shook. And after throwing maverick elbows to clear space like Dirk in the high post, he's also down to give up the body like Brian Cardinal and draw the charge and shift momentum. Clean or dirty (mostly dirty), anything for the laugh. That's why hoods respect him, hipsters adore him, and even pedigreed white boys literary types such as New Yorker editor David Remnick don't just like him … as Tracy would say, it's all loooove.

So, yo: Anyone can see Tracy Morgan has layers on layers, like a pregnant onion. Let's grab some three-ply with Aloe and let our eyes feel the burn as we decode the Marshall McLuhan of mixed emotions. Behold: The Nine Circles of Tracy Morgan, in ascending order of entertainment value.

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The 9 Circles of Tracy Morgan [Grantland]

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