Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Generation BeyHov: Beyoncè's Baby Bump

Remember all the hubbub over Prince William and Kate Middleton? Nah son, if you're music royalty Jay and Beyoncé show you how to do pomp and circumstance in the US. Let us upgrade u. The classy oh-by-the-way announcement that America Jay-Z and Beyoncè are having a baby became the centerpiece of the 2011 MTV VMAs. Word spread about the baby bump at the top of the show but no one started buying shower gifts until Beyoncê stole the show, robbed the cradle, and broke everyone's water with an impressive performance of "Love On Top" (um, perfect song selection: "I want you to feel the love growing inside of me") capped off by her opening up her sequin coat and rubbing her adorable baby bump as the crowd cheered Hola Hovito! Big Daddy Jay beamed like a proud papa, and even Uncle Yeezy and his ego +1 seemed overwhelmed by the heart and soul of the moment, a snapshot of intimate real life captured in the midst of grandiose MTV-style spectacle.

This will be the iconic moment for a generation. With any luck it could be the start of some true Shakespearean Montague-Capulet business when young BeyHov is old enough to want to squash the Pinkett-Smith children down the road. It also allows us to see the family side of Crazy Uncle Kanye (why you always single, Uncle Yeezy?). His Taylor Swift spaz now looks a little more like a family photo gone awry, than a rapper going rogue. This is his family now, of course he’s protective. Shit, for better or worse, this is our family now. Now all that’s left is to wait for him or her to grow up, go to prep school and make the best Andover Rap Video of all time!!!!

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