Tuesday, August 09, 2011

Why Did Cee-Lo Make the Same Video Twice?

(On the G)

From his Dungeon Family roots to the time he pimped his children on a MTV Reality Show to the Gnarls Barkley era to this current turn as the idiosyncratic neo-soul Zach Galifianakis rap-sing centaur sent to make perfect-barbecue-weather pop songs every few years, Cee Lo Green has been the most dynamic weirdo on he charts. Since he broke out with “Crazy,” you can count the major summer anthems on two hands: “Rehab,” “Umbrella,” “American Boy,” “Single Ladies,” “Poker Face,” “Fuck You,” and whatever's hot right now. The fact that Cee Lo Green has two of those songs is very … I don't know, I guess it's very Cee Lo Green of him.

So it's weird that his new video for "Cry Baby" is such an obvious retread. Where is the Soul Food maestro’s unique blend of herbs and spices?

(exploring this video we've seen before on Grantland)

Nostalgia Fatigue [Grantland]

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