Monday, October 03, 2011

Fall Valentine

this came out on Valentine's Day, but I'm just discovering now (via Jozen). maybe it's the snow globe effect, but I feel the sensibility also works for the fall season.

the thing i have to mull on is the neo-soul twee of it all. twee always makes me nervous. like privilege is gonna jump out the van and kidnap a brother. when i'm up in harlem i always switch from my twee hipster jams (like little dragon) to Sean Price (always Sean PEE!). I think it's just in case they randomly turn on the all-of-Harlem public address system and use my headphones for the audio-in, that's a tough look if you're bumping that Panda Bear. don't get me wrong, i think i could eventually pull it off. make some jokes. scarf down a bunch of Popeyes (talmbout, "See!") but it's not worth the hassle, y'know.

plus, Sean Price has a pretty dope version of neo-soul twee also

these are two emo-songs with different clothes on, or something. blocka blocka

1 comment:

  1. how about "neemo soul"? ...for neo-emo?

    meh, both neo and emo might have to go.

    (but if they don't, neemo)


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