Friday, December 02, 2011

Is Mac Lethal's Pancake Rap Video the Devil?

On Grantland, I dug in a little more on the latest viral sensation. The "devil" reference comes from this  scene in Broadcast News:

In defense of Mac Lethal, who comes off as a cool customer, and can't be faulted for doing 2.5M views in a couple days; I'm not hating the playa, so much as the game. As some point you gotta be like, OK, IT'S PANCAKES! Neither the tastiest or healthiest thing in the world! So there must be some voodoo at work.

I got my eyes *points to both eyes* on you, devil.

The Problem with Mac Lethal's Pancake Rap Video [Grantland]

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  1. To repeat what someone said on your FB, YEEESSSSSSS!

    That is all.

  2. Hello Mr. Evans -- Not sure if it's player-hating or game-hating here, but I saw the pancake video thing a bit differently. Here's a response to your column that you're welcome to read or ignore. Thanks.

  3. Thanks, Lucas

    gonna think about what you wrote before responding. i'll let you know if i want to battle on live television

    (jk, re. the battle)

  4. Nice. I'm always happy to battle on live TV, but my only request would be that the beats get turned up so loud they drown out my actual vocals while I mouth "bippityboppityboo" over and over to make it look like I'm the fastest most fluid rapper alive.

    Thanks for taking the time to read the response, which I hope did not come across as disrespectful -- just wanted to take a differing stance and support the hometown guy for the sake of discussion. All the best and feel free to drop me a line at mossby (at) gmail.

    all the best, LW


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