Thursday, December 01, 2011

Mac Lethal: Pancake Rap

Mac Lethal raps fast, cooks pancakes, goes viral (over a million views in approx. 24-36 hours or so! UPDATE, now 2.5M in 48 hours)

will he get a record deal? will it be hip hop or ihop? with the label Bisquick or, uh, Atlantick? TIME WILL TELL.

Hopefully there's a crew and I can get some bacon, eggs, and fresh-squeezed OJ with my freestyles too. tired of eating rappers for breakfast anyways. hollerrr

(via Gawk)


  1. SP 120012/01/2011

    Wow, these white boy rappers have gotten a lot better over the years.

  2. this guys been around for years, he's already been on labels and already put out albums, he's a battle rap legend


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