Friday, February 17, 2006

Drink Up Mama, It's Good For You

So checking out some TAN visitors today, I stumbled on this gem of overlooked and perhaps forgotten information (via DJSpeak).

Do other people remember this 2002 story about semen as an anti-depressant?

Some choice quotes:
Wifey, the star of, says, "I have probably consumed quarts of semen in my life and I can certainly attest to a heightened feeling afterwards. I suppose it makes sense. Put me on the 'I think it's true' side of the ledger,"

The women who rejected rubbers were significantly happier than those using them and those having no sex at all. What's more, those who had been getting regular injections of semen from their boyfriends felt worse the longer it had been since they stopped having sex.

Gallup says this suggests, in the simplest terms, that semen is a drug, and that it's addictive: Women go through a kind of withdrawal when they stop getting it.

His follow-up research has also hinted that women who don't use condoms get into rebound relationships quicker than condom users do.

Women in this study basted their clitoris, labia, and vaginal opening with a prostaglandin liquid, then watched erotic videos for 30 minutes while taking notes ...

One young single woman in New York, ... is in therapy for depression and has been on a litany of antidepressants says, "When I was in a steady relationship, I was pretty damn happy all the time, but I don't know if that had anything to do with having semen in me."
I particularly enjoy the image of women basting their bits with that hilariously named liquid and jotting down their thoughts. That should be made into a monthly show in the East Village.

I looked for follow-up reports, but got nothing. Nevertheless, this article should be made into a pamphlet and given to every guy when he turns 21, 18, 14?

Can Semen Cure The Blues


  1. riiiiiight, check out my last post and see if i feel the same way.

  2. Uh... women having sex are happier than women not having sex -- isn't that the study, really? I can vouch for that.

    Did you know that people are addicted to food? Yes, I've done a case study. When they stop eating, they get hungry for food. People who eat tend to eat again. People who don't eat, tend to...uh...die. They are happier when they are eating then when they are starving. It's a fact.

  3. bb - can't believe you exposed him ...

    monkey - the study seems to actually focus on using a condom or not. the semen actually coming in contact with the woman's body... but yeah I think most have concluded that Sex = Good.

    Re. food, the good thing is, perhaps, semen can serve as a food substitute, so you can take care of everything with one gulp.

  4. Anonymous2/17/2006

    Are facials, then, beneficial?

  5. What if this is another male attempt to go "bareback"?

  6. The subjects of the study "basting" their naughty bits is indeed a hilarious image, and yet a mildly disturbing one given that basting usually accompanies roasting. I like to keep my clitoris and nearby parts at or near body temperature.

  7. Anonymous2/17/2006

    It's hardwired into us, Betty. We'll even conduct scientific experiments to push our agenda to raw-dog it whenever possible.
    I wonder if it also has benefits on the producer and/or other men, or if it is only women who get the boost.

  8. Anonymous2/17/2006

    And with your nutritious jolt of semen you can also obliterate your immune system. SWEET. See why JAMBA Juice hasn't jumped on the bandwagon. i think we need to gain perspective folks-- we live in a dangerous city. And if your gonna play roulette you should be informed...

  9. Anonymous2/17/2006

    Reality Health Check with a soul-deep cockpunch.

  10. I don't think that man-juice makes me giddy or anything, but I can always tell by the taste what he ate for lunch....

  11. Anonymous2/17/2006

    what are you people in third grade? I am stripping you of calling yourself lucifer. The real lucfer is mature and should have some mature comments- jesus h christ...

  12. Anonymous2/17/2006

    oh yeah. And duh Betty-- get a clue.

  13. Anonymous2/17/2006

    >>so you can take care of everything with one gulp

    C'mon dude, that could at least have used a nhjic (no homo just in case).

    A "no homo" every so often can add such character and humour to an article, especially when it makes the reader think "why the hell did he say no homo there...oh...i get it...hahaha".

  14. Anonymous2/17/2006

    Reality Health Check needs to decompress a little. Jesus H Christ on a Raleigh bike.
    Try 5th grade.

  15. Anonymous2/17/2006

    I don't know what your talking about anonymous, but shut up.

  16. Anonymous2/17/2006

    You bet.

  17. Hm, semen as a picker-uper? I'm getting some amusing images of a new "boost" flavor at Jamba Juice.

  18. Anonymous2/17/2006

    I think we need to solve this once and for all, get some funding, and do a survey. With a very large sample size. I am willing to sacrifice my body for science. And free beer.

  19. This reminds me of the line from arrested development, "you have to drink vodka right away or it goes bad".

    I thought you could only get an STD if you knew how to spell it first.

  20. Anonymous2/17/2006

    is this directed at me? You don't want to start something with me...

  21. Anonymous2/17/2006

    Reality Health Check, maybe you should be first in line to check this theory out, because you seem to be wound up pretty tight.

  22. Anonymous2/17/2006

    no, but I am wound up tight and I am about to take Betty out...
    you want some too anonymous?

  23. Anonymous2/17/2006

    Thank you for your noble public service anouncement, RHC, but I think we can do without the attitude. Can we lighten up the mood just a little??

  24. I was fucking kidding, and I wasn't referring to RHC.

  25. Anonymous2/17/2006

    Wait, Betty. Can you provoke him (gotta be a him) further? I want to see how one "takes out" another on a comment board.
    Mind bullets?
    Break-dance battle?
    MC Freestyle?
    Flatland competition with some ramp work thrown in for good measure?

  26. Well done, anonymous. Let's hope RHC gets laid this weekend, instead of masturbating to internet porn while his cat watches, assuming its a he.

  27. Anonymous2/17/2006

    Actually its Ms. RHC. Forget it though-- Ive lost the anger. But remember about health risks Betty and Anon! Have a good wknd.

  28. Anonymous2/17/2006

    Betty, it's like you looked at my weekend planner.

  29. Ha ha, Betty. RHC -- you got served!! (can I say that or is that too 2004?)

    I have a sneaking suspicion that RHC is 12 years old. At least that's the level of his/her "shut up", "you don't want to start something with me", & "you want some of this" come-backs. Maybe s/he wants to take it out on the playground.

  30. Anonymous2/17/2006

    No homo to the prodominatly teh ghey argument between Anon and RHC.

  31. good comment drama-tainment for a Friday afternoon. Thanks!

  32. Anonymous2/17/2006

    I am 29. But I can act 12 if I want too-- you all don't know who I am. But anonymous, monkey panties, and Butty, are annoying me. They need to stop commenting... THIS IS MY DOMAIN.

  33. Anonymous2/17/2006

    Looks like my annexation was successful now you see what I meant by taking out, jackasses. I declare myself King (I am female) but KING OF THE COMMENTS ON THE ASSIMILATED NEGRO SITE. From now on send your comments to me for approval and I will let you know if you can post. No sense in sending any submissions Betty & Monkeypants becasue your not getting approval.

  34. Anonymous2/17/2006

    I did get served. Served the other night by Betty and Monkeypants's momma at the local JFK Fried Chicken.

  35. Anonymous2/17/2006

    What is the sound of one person commenting?

  36. YO tan, I straight up quoted you, but by now you already know this. anyways, there's some funny ass drama on this comment section, you need to regulate. holla. Time to go out.

    Go Duke.

  37. Anonymous2/18/2006

    This comment section is starting to look like B C dot C.

  38. Anonymous2/18/2006

    For some reason, whilst reading this article, the term "less filling, tastes great!" pops into my head.

    For many years people have ignored the numerous test results that semen has very benificial properties, ie it's great for the skin, good for the digestive tract, and even better for your hair.

    Thanks Tan for trying to get the "pro-semen" activation started :)

  39. I can't speak about semen, but lady juice has done wonders for my ulcer.

  40. Anonymous2/18/2006

    Man, this post makes me want to suck some cock. No Homo. Any takers?


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