Thursday, February 02, 2006

TAN Does WYSIWYG: Worst. Sex. Ever.

I don't know what I've gotten myself into, but you'll probably want to see all the blood and gore for yourself...

The WYSIWYG Talent Show Celebrates
with "Worst. Sex. Ever. III: When Bad Sex Happens to Good People"
an Anti-Valentine's Day Celebration
February 14, 2006 at P.S. 122
150 First Ave. at E. 9th St.
Tickets: $7. Cheep! Click here to purchase advance tix.

In February 2004, eleven intrepid bloggers took to the stage of P.S. 122 to recount hilarious tales of cringe-worthy seductions and share the intimate details of the worst sex they'd ever had. The show was completely sold out with lines around the block, launching The WYSIWYG Talent Show, a monthly series of themed readings and performances from some of the blogosphere's best and funniest writers, musicians, comedians and performance artists.

On February 14, 2006 we celebrate our third birthday! Over the past two years we have presented over 100 bloggers telling stories, cracking jokes, singing songs, and even showing films! So this Valentine's Day bring someone you love to our third annual celebration of terrible trysts and unfortunate couplings: "Worst. Sex. Ever. III: When Bad Sex Happens to Good People."

The show will include appearances by comedian Todd Levin (Comedy Central), writer "The Assimilated Negro" (Village Voice, and John "Jonno" D'Addario, editor of the web's most notorious sexblog,, among others. Featuring music by dj:ayden and a post-show reception with drinks and dancing this is sure to be a fun-filled anti-Valentine's day soiree.

The WYSIWYG Talent Show's "Worst. Sex. Ever. III: When Bad Sex Happens to Good People" performs Tuesday, February 14, at 7:30 p.m. at Performance Space 122 (150 1st Ave. at East 9th St.) Tickets are $7 and can be purchased online here or by phone at 212-352-3101. For more information visit or call 212-477-5288.

For the full press release, and the WYSIWYG blog, click here ...

Even though I'm performing, they say this is going to be pretty popular. Hard to go wrong with a DJ, alcohol, negroes, and a lot of sex talk. So again, advance tix here.

And of course, considering the theme, all those applying to be Mrs. Coretta Scott Assimilated Negro, may also want to help TAN out in the sex department. Strictly for research, of course. I should probably have some Best. Sex., some Mediocre. Sex., and then some Worst. Sex. - giving me a good range of experiences to ascertain what's truly the worst thing I could tell. So, um, yeah ... holla back, showtime is less than two weeks.

That's about it. What more can I say? This show will probably mark the end of me. It's over. But at least I tried...

Valentine's Day. see you on the other side ...


  1. i'll be there...i can't do the choc chip cookie dough lifetime movie marathon anymore!

  2. Does this qualify as sexual harrassment on the internet? I think you scared most of the girls off with your letter to your average sized penis.

  3. average-sized penis? aww hell no, i ain't coming now!

  4. Anonymous2/02/2006

    I'm in too. Holla!

  5. I'd go if I lived in NYC. You gonna post your sordid tales after the show for your faithful out-of-town readers? Pretty please?

  6. Dude...that's the worst picture of you I've ever seen! Worst than our 8th grade year book! Yes, I still have it! Those fans of this site, email me at, with a $3 donation for a picture.

  7. Anonymous2/03/2006

    Rune, $3??? For a BAD picture? Come on!!

  8. (oh gawd, now i remember that 'recovering alcoholic' i dated who couldn't get it up even when i wore that victoria's secret thingy...oh the pain...glad i dumped him....)

  9. Anonymous2/03/2006

    I'm there, with a (big) nudge from the women in my pitiful life. As for the quality of your story, research helps, so I'm sure it'll be good...just make sure your story doesn't involve your childhood, older babysitters and deeply repressed memories. Those are party killers.

  10. Holy shit - how'd you get that pic of my ex's flabby underwear pooling around his non-existent ass? Talk about worst sex ever...

  11. Anonymous2/03/2006

    I wish I could go!

  12. Anonymous2/03/2006

    What in the bloody hell? The assimilated negro? A liberal education infested star-fucker? Far be it for me to chastise the self-serving rantings of a young black negro who through the petty ramblings of his poorly liberally educated mind attempts to inflitrate the inner sanctum of useless Anglo toodlepip, but what the bloody hell? Have we begun selling our color again a-la Paul Laurence D-Bar so that the petit-beourgouis can not only feel as if their social programs are incorprating us but also that we are docile after all, but also ALSO apparently we again have begun to sell that color willingly, in fact personifying that "COLOREDNESS" in order to be accepted? What are you doing? Does your father know? And your father's father? Late 90s hip-hop is dead for a reason (the same reason that Ango-American WILL NOT pronounce Jeru da Damaja without a Spanish accent) to even attempt to revive it again speaks of a particular impotence. It was never alive, only a moment in which the powers that be decided that Afro-Centricity was marketable. Don't be marketable, my friend. Be better than that. Why market yourself; why INTENSELY market yourself to those outlets which speak not to you, but to those disreputable outlets which have made you run from yourself, for yourself? Do we not deserve an explanation of your treachery? Or are WE not dead? And if so, who is the Lazarus you are trying to revive? I accept that THAT particular WE is dead, has died an honorable death, and whose obituary are the vinyl covers of Miles Davis' "Some Kind of Blue." Which kind, Assimilated?" Which kind will you be? Have you not realized that the Battle Royale which you are so eager to join, Assimilated, has ended centuries ago, and your speech is postscript to the life you'd want to lead? Gawk at us? Scintillate our Nerves? Do not sell what is geniune. But if all you have is more of the same that is here; if what you hope to sell is more of the same, then I humbly allow you to continue. However, drop the spokesperson bit, and, for your own sake, drop the Nietszche which you fail to understand and are afraid to comprehend. I can do with Pinocchios, but I cannot deal with those wooden boys who pretend to be real and furthermore portend to speak for the wood in the rest of US.


  13. Hola:
    Well, i find your blog kind of refreshing, when a lot of people criticizes you about the racial burden of this blog, i really don´t care, when you live in México,this kind of stuff it´s superficial.
    I laugh a while with some of your posts, but i specially like " An Open Letter From A Black Guy To His Average-Sized Penis", so I translated it to spanish, i´m asking for you permission to publish it in my blog. I tried to stay true to the original. I can send you a copy before I post it. so, let me know.

  14. I'm giving this blog up for Lent. It really has gotten to that point.

    Fortunately for me, Lent isn't for, um, some days away. In that case, I'll gorge by going to the show. Unless the opportunity for bad sex comes up; if it does, I'll have to pass on the show (this scenario is unlikely).

  15. bigger tous - I appreciate you digging into my content here, and seemingly trying to think about it in the big picture. I love battles. I enjoy challenge. So if you want to debate positions, and/or my approach, I'm all for it. But I'm not sure your point here. "for your own sake, drop the nietzsche ..." this sort of rhetoric sounds like you just want to knock me down a peg, and so perhaps you should just start your own anti-TAN blog. What don't I understand about Nietzsche? And perhaps more importantly [to you] - what do you understand, that I don't? I don't even have any Nietzsche focused material on here. I mention him a couple times, but nothing that would allow you to evaluate my "understanding."

    Ultimately the biggest fault I'd find with your rant is the presumption that I have taken some static position. I have a post in here about the constant evolution of one's perspective. It's easy to put someone in a box and then be critical. But everyone changes everyday, and it's easy to overlook that, but I think it makes all the difference.

    This is all beside the fact that you leave no name or site to respond to, presuming you're not Chelsea Peretti of course. If you can't put a legit face/name/location to your thoughts, I guess it's not pointless, I have responded after all, but it certainly takes away from the credibility. It's about the conversation, not my rant, and certainly not yours.

    venturimi - go crazy. I'm very happy to have broken through to the spanish speaking population, despite the lack of spanish on the site.

  16. cat - no comments on your blog ... tsk, tsk. I'll keep an eye out and see if we can't get you "gorged" before the show.

  17. ooooooh...a battle...

  18. Fight! Fight! Fight!

    Oh. Wait. Sorry. I kinda regressed to junior high inside my head there. Won't happen again.

  19. "Let em fight, leeeet eemmm fiight," - courtesy of Babs from Making Da Band 2 (Which was by the way, best reality show ever).

    TAN - where'd you go?

  20. What happened to the fight? I had my popcorn out an everything...

  21. Anonymous2/05/2006

    I don't really know what bigger tous point was here it seemed a bit pretentious overall, I would guess its something along the lines of being a sellout an usning ones race to get ahead. I too occasionally question the tastefulness on this site, but I think the bottum line is that TAN is reaching out to a group of people who may not know black people, and if he can be a positive reflection and break down peoples ignorant stereotypes then whats the problem? Why should he feel the negative burden of race? Why can't he turn the tables and take opportunities his race provides? I am sure ancestors would approve of someone turning the tables and pioneering into white worlds...

  22. Anonymous2/05/2006

    plus the world takes all kinds and who are you, bigger tous, to question anothers motives and bigger aim in life? Breaking down stereotypes and doing something unexpected-- which is the beauty of this blog-- should never be condemned. Maybe you should examine your own chip on your shoulder and look inwards. What are you doing to advance the the cause? Are you making an effort or just pointing out the wrong in the attempts others are making?

  23. I'm no close enough to attend the show or help with research - so I'll just say break a leg.

  24. I'm no close enough to attend the show or help with research - so I'll just say break a leg.


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