Monday, September 07, 2009

Table Beat-Boxing Has Improved Since I Was A Kid

As a kid in the south bx, banging a beat on the desk or table was standard practice. nothing to see here folks. when i went off to prep/boarding school, and me and my boys would start orchestrating multi-track instrumentals in the dining hall, it was probably a little more avant garde. a future look at the assimilated learning curve, or somesuch....

and now it's just cool to see that the kids are a little bit on some table beat-box 3.0 with it. this business with the pencil was definitely beyond our skill-set in the 80s, 90s.

via videogum


  1. I could prob have been more direct in the post about the avant gardeness in tabletop beatbox 2.0 coming from context; the same thing as 1.0 but in a different environs makes the same thing fresh. now in 3.0 we have an actual evolution enhancement of the base model.

  2. this kid is outstanding; all poly-rhythms and rhyming on top it. shit!

  3. Ah I remember the days of table beat boxing. I love it!

  4. (1 of 2)
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  5. (2 of 2)
    I've especially felt a sort of patronizing attitude right off the bat from many of the white female students on campus. White women, with the help of affirmative action, have made great gains in both scientific student bodies and faculty, but you would still be wont to find black faculty and only a little more lucky in locating black students in scientific graduate programs across the country. That aside, most of my interactions with white females on campus has been unnecessarily hostile and patronizing.

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