Monday, November 23, 2009

Where For Art Thou Black Lady Gaga?

I've caught the Lady Gaga fever of late. Methinks the proof for her legitimacy is in the live acoustic pudding.

When she's sitting at the piano doing her hipster-glam-quirky Amy Winehouse meets Alicia Keys (Alicia Winehouse?) thing we get a more intimate feel for the song itself, along with her naked vocals (vs. nude body suits, etc), and her own personal charm/isma.

and Paparazzi is a pretty tight piece of songwriting craftsmanship ...

Compare those with her official cinematic vids for those two songs and you have a spectacular case study for "Art over Artists".

Then her recent American Music Award exhibit is a nice capper on a string of raising-the-bar performance art stage shows.

I'm excited she and Kanye are schmoozing, I feel she represents exactly the over-the-top fantastical sensibility hip hop emcees struggle to assimilate into their own "art". Kanye is surely inspired by the ambition of her whole Artist Presence. Also, Beyonce. This video with her and Lady G is fairly compelling dreamscaping ...

Gaga says herself she played it down out of respect for the B, but I still think Beyonce holds her end down as Superstar Presence. (it's a video that raises other questions as well: for example LG schtick seems "post-racial" and Beyonce's def has a "black/racial" quality (is it just the hips, etc?) to it. what does that mean?) ... but either way - as to the race/culture angle on all this, per TAN commentary objective C-1-4.2 -- negroes need more of this kind-of-crazy so maybe B's alter-ego Sasha Fierce and Kanye's alter ego, uh, Kanye West could make some sort of Amorphous bi-inquisitive Black Lady Gaga superartist. it's like a homosexual black dude who raps, video-hoes, and plays the flute all at the same time. And lights his balls on fire at the end of every show. And he's twelve. A 12-year-old ball-lighting cello-farting falsetto-beatboxing prodigy. From a broken home in a forgotten hood. And diddy discovers him. And he blogs. And he's me. Or am I him? Or am I a she? Kanye Fierce: flute-fart-beatboxer extraordinaire? perhaps, perchance to dream bwahahahahaheehehehehoohohohoh, uhhhh, o-k-bai......


  1. Anonymous11/23/2009

    Don't forget the Black LG also has to wear this outfit.

  2. Anonymous11/23/2009

    Some theorize she covers her eyes all the time cause she's so not hot. She seems comfy with it in the Beyonce video though.

  3. I agree with the New York Magazine commenters, Beyonce is getting trashy in her videos.

  4. I think Kanye is the closest you'll get to a black version of Lady Gaga, as far as the very specific and changing aesthetic being as important as the music. LG visually referencing Alexander McQueen is on par with the Kanye/Murakami collaborations.

  5. New Theory...Lady Gaga is really just another reincarnation of Cher. Seriously, in the "Video Phone" video, she looks like Cher

  6. Um, Janelle Monet is the black Lady Gaga, without question


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