Monday, December 08, 2008

EthnoCultural Tug Of War: N+1 vs. Okayplayer

Diary of a Serial Assimilator:


Dear Diary,

I was randomly commenting on the blog of Keith Gessen and thought I stumbled on to a flair of genius: An okayplayer and N+1 bougie-off!

"it'd be a cool field trip to bring both those crowds to one place for a good ol' fashioned tug-o-war."

Holla if you hear me, brethren!

There's no question Obama has helped level the scales, but for those who want to discuss how it's just a start, or how much more there is to be done, why beat around the bush? Let's fight this puppy out!

Or love it out, i don't mean it to sound so fatally competitive; just to say determining a winner or loser is important....

now i'm not positive on how we should do this, but i'm thinking the best way would be for both sides to *accidentally* plan their parties/ethno-cultural worship events at the same time, same venue. This will require some vision/manipulation on the part of leadership, because I don't think these respective multi-intellicultis will cross-pollinate demographics without some forcing of the issue.

Once it's all set up i'm not sure what happens next, but i know if we're doing it for real-for real then sex needs to be involved. Like King White Bougie and Queen Black Bougie have to mate before the congregated-but-segregated masses. And if we're doing it for real-for real-for real, then murder must happen also. Like black-white ultimate chicken fight to the death. I know, it's sad. Well maybe we can just keep it at the sex level. (in fact now i sort of regret this whole thread because it's unnecessarily reckless, but i think it also enhances my cachet as an "unexpected" writer, so i'll just close the parentheses here and leave it at that)

anyuhhh... whenever i get the chance to sit on Obama's lap and tell him what I want for America, i'm going to force these camps to do a collaborative project. 'twould be awesome.

pics are good for blogging, so these are the images i found for my multicultural tug of war allusions.

Don't know what I'm talking about? Check for yourself:
N+1 Magazine
Okayplayer, home of The Roots

dog tug


  1. Anonymous12/11/2008

    hipster lit v. conscious rap? shoot me now. (although i loved indecision (sad young literary crybabies not so much) and have been in the bag for the roots for fuhevah... the jimmy fallon situation weirds me out.)

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