Saturday, July 17, 2010

Feminist Freestyles: Jezebel Minded (Lights Please Remix)

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lights please
lights please
lights please...

read about this nice girl, her name is jezebelly
but down to pick a fight, if you hot and on the telly
heard they daily views lookin' something like a milli
jon's daily crew wasn't ready for they jelly

sometimes i'm jezebel minded
but don't get blinded
looking for a style like tan you won't find it
so many rhymes and subliminal signs if
you read between the lines of this criminal mind bit

you're about to be reminded,
a blast from the past
of wipe my ass, and then your mind schtick
it's peter tan leave these tinkerbells blinded
by they own behind...

like i don't know how that pink so stinky when i'm grinding
with more than that shrinky-dink pinky you be signing
so much brain, my dick be thinking when i'm rhyming
don't overthink and blow, before you get behiiiiind it
dirty talk, pulled hair until your mind splits
rewinding that flirty walk that just f-fu'd up my timing
can we rewind it
it ain't a crime
to sip
my wild
w/ a twist of lime wit
this ain't another limerick
this is fire that opens like a fine wine, shhhhh...

i'm over here making something out of nothing
you over there making nothing out of something
excuse me dear, i'm about to hit the button
and all ya'll privy b's really need to sit or something
i ain't impressed w/ the smarty-arty girl set
tarties fartin
c'mon sharty, need to get your curls wet
let's get in public swimming pools
get in debt and play the fool
i'll even let ya set the rules
nod my head and say its cool….

anyfem, anywhen y'all wanna play, anyday, anyway, any spin you wanna say, it's t.a., have many grins, many ways to say i win again, pageview up your juice and gin, i'm loose, always shoot to win, …or bring the light right to your sin, right to your skin … oops, didn't mean to bring that up again...
lights please...

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