Monday, June 27, 2011

Sorry About Being Racist Before. I Know Better Now.

(Wonder how this cartoon would be updated for Post-Obama era... maybe the black character would stack up accomplishments, topped off with Osama's carcass, and get up on the platform that way. Then what would happen ???)

Courtesy of Amptoons; hat tip: Lucy StandUp


  1. Interesting. lol.

    I have shared the link with a few people black friends think its hilarious...everyone else? not so much.

  2. Anonymous1/03/2008

    thats the best thing i've seen in a long time

  3. Anonymous1/04/2008

    This definitely, in my opinion, and unfortunately sums it all up as far as the history of relations between black and whites. If only more people could realize these truths especially about the whole concept of "reverse racism."

    I will have to pass this on.

  4. That cartoon kind of conveniently leaves out the $9 trillion-plus spent by the government on the War on Poverty since the 60s, but hey, whatever.

  5. Unfortunately, the world only appears with this sort of simplicity in egregiously reductionist abstractions. It's sad, too, because the world would be so much easier to deal with when you can smooth over contradictory details and turn a blind eye to nuance of any kind.

    I've always hated allegory that, through distortion and manipulative oversimplification, purports to expose some grand, unassailable truth about reality.

    God, why doesn't the white boy just extend his hand?

    It's not even that I sympathize with the positions that the comic is trying to skewer -- no, not at all -- so much as I'm bothered by the way in which it's been presented.

    I just hope people's views about the world are informed by more than comic strips; that's all.

  6. This should be a simple enough version of the history of the United States that even people who watch FOX News can understand it.

    They like simple explanations of complex problems.

  7. This could easily be called "A concise history of 'white'-'any other race' relations the world over!

  8. The comments here make me laugh, really. The only thing I can say is, I wonder how that 9 trillion was distributed, and can we pull up some more stats of the ever-widening gap between the top 2% and the other 98% in America, or even the top 2% and those who identified themselves on the Census as Blacks and Latinos in this country as a whole. I wonder if people realize how "whatever" really is what capitalism / consent is all about. Hmm ...

  9. If a majority of whites were truly against affirmative action, I would think that it would no longer exist, given that blacks only make up 13% of the American population. They have the numbers to wipe it out if they wanted. Yet affirmative action, hiring quotas, diversity initiatives, voucer programs and minority open houses are more common than ever, so they must have a lot of support among white people. Sure there are some white people that are like in the cartoon, but I don't think it's fair to paint all of them with the same brush, any more than it would be to paint all blacks as hip-hop loving criminals.

  10. LOL this shit made me laugh but in all reality there is NOTHING funny about the premise. It's real talk.

  11. T. said...
    That cartoon kind of conveniently leaves out the $9 trillion-plus spent by the government on the War on Poverty since the 60s, but hey, whatever.

    12:45 AM
    Well then if you put that in the context of the cartoon it would be basically the white character throwing down money onto the black character. It's still not even or right. He's throwing money down.

  12. Anonymous1/11/2008

    The lesson I took from this is that the Black man is always asking for help. The white man takes whatever he wants/needs with or without permission - or the white kid in the pic helped himself up by any means necessary.

  13. jadedkiss1/12/2008

    This cartoon is a great synopsis of the situation and I agree with one of the other bloggers in saying you could sub any other non-white race for the black man in it and there would be nothing lost in translation.

    @ t.:PLEASE keep in mind that affirmative action did more to benefit white women than any other "minority" it was supposed to help.

  14. so that cartoon just sums up white people today in a nutshell, right? ignore all the trillions sent to the black community through entitlements, dismiss diversity quotas, set-aside bids in construction for minority firms, hiring quotes in government agencies, lowered admissions standards in fire and police departments to get more minorities in, dismiss affirmative action as benefiting white women more than minorities...nope, white people can all just be summed up as the callous selfish white person in the ad here, right?

    So I have two questions: First, what do you want from white people? What would make you finally happy with white people? If it's 100% eradication of any anti-black sentiment anywhere that isn't going to happen. But to say that whites overall refuse to help blacks I don't buy. Second, isn't making a sweeping generalization of whites as hateful, insensitive and callous the exact type of racism we as blacks claim to hate?

  15. "I just hope people's views about the world are informed by more than comic strips; that's all."

    "so that cartoon just sums up white people today in a nutshell, right?"

    itt a bunch of nerds get butthurt over a joke

  16. T.'s comment has gone unrefuted in the past three years, I see.

    Anyway I just view any person who agrees with this comic, as retarded. I expect that most black people agree with this comic. Since they're retarded, their fate is to be reliving that last panel, angrily demanding of whites for that hand up, for eternity.

    As T points out, though, an even truer rendition of the comic would be the white man pulling the black man up, the black man falling on his face again, and then repeat.... repeat.... repeat.


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