Wednesday, June 01, 2011

Her Name Is Paris, Mrs. Jackson If You're Nasty

This photo. Still an insta-TAN classic. I don't want a celebrity-hollywood machine if we can't make THIS happen:

1. I don't think they look bad together. Like sometimes an interracial couple looks a little forced and affirmative-actioney. Like the cornfields of Nebraska girl holding hands with a harlem hood type ... that's questionable. But these two, not so bad. Young, sophisticated, urban ... we can work with this.

2. I love the name Paris Jackson. That's hot. I might name my child that regardless (no MJ). Curtis Hilton's not so bad either.

3. Professional synergy.
They're both incredibly good at what they do: culture exploitation. Hmm, doesn't sound as bad if we call them... business-people? Brand-builders? But seeing them together makes one realize how much 50 is in Paris, WOOPSY, but you know what I mean. She's not an artiste. Neither is 50, by his own admission. They're kindred spirits in f-that-artiste-shit, awww. And of course neither of them is stupid, and they could potentially helm a tremendous entertainment/marketing company/brand thingamajig. bullet-proof hotels. rapping chiuauas. all that.

4. and OOOMG, look how cute they are! Look how happy he makes her! Look how intent and focused he is. They're adooorable. Maybe this was just a second, and the affection isn't genuine but, awwww. It's like lolcats for interracial couples or something. I could stare at these two forever. And I could totals see her bungling up breakfast for the family -- she's trying! -- and kissing 50 before he goes off to work etc. We want these two for our new Leave it to Beaver model modern family.

5. They'd probably make/leak a pretty good sex tape. I'm not really into them myself (seriously!), but I hear a lot of people like those.

6. Their children would be .... interesting to see how they turn out.

Anydream ... these pics are a little old, but I'm really rooting for this to happen. I once made that photo my blog header for a while. I'm waiting for an update, since there's nothing more TAN than these two ...

Oh, the news here was 50 is interviewing Paris at Sundance or something
[Page Six]


  1. Rounder1/19/2008

    Not to be crude, but I've seen Paris' sex tape. It's far and away her best acting, but it doesn't make her look like much fun in the sack. Fiddy deserves better.

    Isn't Kirsten Dunst single?

  2. These two are evenly matched as fame whores. Probably they have matching STDs, too.

  3. Anonymous1/20/2008

    I second Lisa G. While they're at it, they can call each other 'nigger' all night long.

  4. The cover art for a Lexington Steele video comes to mind...

  5. Tyson and Givens looked good together too... at first.

  6. He can have her. She's got incipient bat wings!

  7. Are they dating or banging? Who the hell cares...they are both disgusting! VALTREX anyone?

  8. I always pictured Paris ending up with a black guy…

  9. Harris1/22/2008

    Hmm, will she give him the clap before he gets her shot? Inquiring minds want to know.

  10. That bitch!!!

    I think I´m stating the obvious.

  11. I totally just had a dream that they were married, and then I see this...weird...

  12. Anonymous6/26/2012

    Typical "Negro goes after blonde whore" routine. Anyone who thinks "that's a match" is an idiot.

    10,000 years ago her ancestors were civilized, 200 years ago his were running around in animal skins and living in the stone age.

    Where would the black man be if civilized man had not enslaved him....still living in the stone age. That's a fact! And everyone knows it!

    Who does the jewish media fool with this? The brainwashed morons...that's who....


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