Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Will All the Girls Reading, Yes, You Three, Please Scrunch Together On One Side of the Subway Seat

This should probably be put up one one of my more nimble broadcast mediums, like twitter or tumblr, but I don't have one of those yet.

In any event, I see this socio-spatial phenomenon happen every so often on the NYC transit system, and I always get a chuckle out of it. When I took this picture there was basically no one else on the train. Why doesn't someone move???

There's probably more to break down there; certainly something eerie the way they're all lined up with bags in their laps and books in their hand. Maybe this could be the female version of the Captain Morgan commercials where the guys do the elbow on the knee pose?

I don't know, but I can't attend to the matter fully because I just got a package from amazon and now that it's opened I'm wondering if I should be thinking about that more:

One could see that as "get-busy" tools. One could see it as a cry for help. One could see it as, oh, 750-800 cups of coffee without the brown tooth-polish and less another 100-200 pounds of soft-dookie irrigation (too soon?).

Think I'm going to opt for the latter. no book deadline can stand up to the power of tan on no-doz, bwahahaha.


  1. You know, I've seen that many a time. I've also been that many a time. I don't know. For me it was a weird comfort in the cold, anonymity of be in close quarters with a stranger that could be just like you :) And hey, if they don't move either, I figure they're down. For some lightweight casual train intimacy, ya know.

  2. ha. yeah, I guess there is some bonding there. it could be like the subway version of "facebook friends".

  3. Being a female myself the answer is simple..we are more considerate.

  4. Anonymous6/17/2009

    Please don't sell out and get a Twitter!! That shit is the devil I promise you! Why are people "following" [no pun intended] and coddling that medium? What REAL purpose does it serve besides being a narcissic, self important douche?

    Just some MORE shit you have to remember a password for. No Thanks and I cannot express myself in 140 Characters. REAL WRITERS DONT!


  5. geerussell6/17/2009

    My first reaction is they're clustering together for safety in numbers vs the inevitable creepy dude on the train. There's always one.

  6. Roxie: when considerate turns retarded; just another example of when "keeping it real" goes wrong.

    geerussell: there's always one.

    in this case the inevitably creepy dude is me, trying to take a discrete picture with my phone, but really just making everyone awkward.

  7. They look very into their books. Not moving is probably just laziness.

  8. less likely for men to chat you up if you're in a group like that. i see the benefit.

  9. Anonymous6/18/2009

    I'm from the south, so I'm not big on public transportation. I see this a lot among white people b/c they're sense of personal space seems to never have developed right like black folks.. The movies is the perfect example..have you ever noticed how they don't mind sitting close to each other and black ppl always have that honorary "saved seat" lol.

  10. Anonymous6/19/2009

    anon 11:05: except that this is nyc, "white" as you now it hardly exists here. you'll see this same thing occur among people of all colors. well not people, women. where's the pic of seven guys in a car taking up all the available space with their legs splayed out, balls to the wind (or nasty subway air).

  11. 'Not people, women'??? FUCK YOU!! Do you not realize how misogynistic that sounds? Asshole!

  12. aunt suzie6/22/2009

    doctressjulia: seriously?!
    i understood that anon 9:18 was clarifying that not all people, just women would be considerate on the subway.
    And if someone seemed to be claiming that women weren't people, why would you even bother trying to provoke a conversation with them? It'd be like arguing with a chair.


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