Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Welcome To Post-Racial Fight Club!

Jewcy asked me to do a quick blog on one of these post-racial articles that are in mass abundance. In responding I discovered Post-Racial Fight Club. Here's a tease:

... I think the biggest ingredient missing from these stews of post-racial analysis are white people; this Post-Racial Identity crisis is not so much about Black identity as much as it is about White identity being scaled back down to size, thereby allowing everyone else to look a little more important. Perhaps even more than the Obama t-shirts we see everywhere, the book/blog Stuff White People Like is the prominent post-racial avatar that signals change is underway.

After all, we're somewhat versed in Black identity politics, hence Obama putting on his du-rag for a campaign speech. But White people have long been able to lump their particular sensibilities under the broad label of "mainstream" or "american". This was always best represnted by the position of President, leader of the free world, and presumably white bred, white educated, etc. etc. Now it's different. Now we know the first family doles out dap, and quotes hip hop lyrics. Good times.

So, not wanting to be passive and redundant, it seems the only step in further understanding what matters in the world now is to start a Post-Racial Fight Club. So here we go:

Welcome to Post-Racial Fight Club.

The first rule of Post-Racial Fight Club is you must talk about Post-Racial Club, A LOT!

The second rule of Post-Racial Fight Club is you must talk about Post-Racial Fight club some more!

See, when you use the term "post-racial" you can't help but seem smart and aware and progressive. Go ahead, say it to someone who went to college.... doesn't it feel good? Don't you feel better about yourself? I know I do. So next party, make sure you bring it up, especially if any members of the Multi-Culti are in attendance.

The third rule of Post-Racial Fight Club is if someone says "stop, you don't understand their people's struggle" and points to an historical tragedy where you can see the legacy of it still in effect today, the fight is over ... continued...

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  1. I think the biggest problem with this mentality is that it's based on revenge. GREAT platform to elect a president on, yeh right; I'd say that it's that attitude that you're seeing white response to.

    Whites are being approached all over America with a "We won, in your face" attitude, and despite the "hope" for "change", this is the Presidency of the United States we're talking about, the most powerful position in the world, someone who can really fuck us up, not some damn popularity contest (in the non literal sense of the phrase).

    People who have never voted before, who don't even understand the issues, came out in droves for Obama /because and only because/ he's black, and voting for someone based on race is irresponsible, so I'm sorry, you'll just have to deal with "white anger" over the issue.

    Especially since this candidate is farther from being black than I am. At least I grew up in the projects. At least I've been poor.

    Addressing the specific comments, it wasn't about white identity (and I'm not certain that it is now) until blacks made it about black identity.

    When a black candidate wins BECAUSE he's black, that's not a win for blacks. If a black candidate won because he was the best candidate? THAT would be something.

  2. karmessiah11/21/2008

    yeah theres no way non whites considered him the best candidate. i mean its not like he won by a landslide or anything. oh wait...

  3. Anonymous11/21/2008

    I don't think white people feel threatened by Obama though. That is why he is so "post-racial." He's their perfect mix of obedience and subservience. He is mixed, not descended from slaves, and harvard educated and grew up with a white mother. How can you hate that? he doesn't force white people to evaluate their identity. He makes them proud that they elected someone with some color. If Michelle were elected President or Jesse Jackson than a revaluation would be in order. But Obama just makes us look better.

  4. Karm:

    Feel free to educate yourself a bit, before falling for more media hype.

    Mind you, I have no interest in some sort of flame war, I just wanted to point out some facts.

    One of the biggest problems we have with our elections is the electoral college system. Win a few key states, win the election. Screw the rest of the states, right? Texas is going to vote Rep and New York is going to vote Dem, so why bother, right? It's a system that needs fixing.

    Look at the popular vote, the race was closer than you think. The Obama campaign did a fantastic job of securing the right states, but... strategic genius yes, landslide no.

  5. Anonymous11/22/2008

    electoral college makes complete sense. its not perfect, but if the race was decided by popular vote, the candidates campaign would be spent coaxing New Yorkers and Californians. oh and um, your "Conservative Free Press" just seems like a bunch of sore losers to me. and who cares what they think, they are canadians. nobody likes canadians. (just kidding)

  6. So instead the candidates focus on swing states, that's not any better. A real revamp of the system needs to take place. Obviously Obama would have still won, that's not the issue. The debate is whether or not it was a landslide. It wasn't.

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