Monday, June 26, 2006

Cracka CrackDown! - The Pandemic Rages On

More sightings of "ironic rap" (iro-rap, i-raps, rony-rap?) (maybe spoof hip-hop, spip-hop?) (crackers rapping, crack-raps?), these two were sent in by fellow concerned citizens.

The first is a more biblical take on the Sir MixAlot classic "Baby Got Back." Spotted by Emily, it's called:

Baby Got Book


Then we have another you-tuber, Jamie Kennedy & Co. in "Rolling with Saget"

If you are caucasian, and you have never tried rapping before, I hereby advise you to get yourself vaccinated immediately.

Cracka Crackdown! - The ASS-EX
Cracka Crackdown! - The Eminettes!!! [TAN]


  1. Anonymous6/26/2006

    we're past the tipping point now

  2. Does this not bode well for our "99 COmments" collaboration?

    Actually, I have rapped before, so maybe it's not so bad. It's how I got to be the only white boy at the bones table in High School.

  3. I like Bob Saget's new hardcore image he's developed over the years. Jamie Kennedy's alright.

    the baby got back could ... go back

  4. How prescient.... Look up "Roger Clark" (from New York 1 News)on You Tube to hear him rap about the Hip Hop Festival last weekend in Brooklyn.

  5. Christina6/26/2006

    Hey, I just wanted to say thanks a bunch for keeping me entertained when I have time for entertainment. I'm currently in medical school, and there is nothing I find more interesting (and occaisionally informative) than reading your post.

  6. The Jamie Kennedy rap isn't bad as far as delivery goes, it's just not funny. At all.

  7. I think the Jamie Kennedy thing is funny... but man, the weathergirl thing and Jodie Foster were just plain hard to watch! A trainwreck that I could not turn away from, though I desperately wanted to! Does the weathergirl think that moving her arms around like that gives her street cred or what? I imagined her practicing in her mirror the night before her big debut... could she really not see how ridiculous she looked? Maybe she was drunk. For her sake, I hope she was drunk!

  8. LadyElle6/28/2006

    I was just asking my hip hop producer wannabe friend when did it become OK for white people to imitate rappers to the point of mockery?

    It's like a politically accepted form of minstrelsy.

    ...and black people are all open to it.

    Why is hip hop culture all inclusive??? They make it so hard for us to join their activities, but we tear down the doors when they come a spittin whatever it is they spit.

  9. Qns Chick6/29/2006

    This is nothing!!! In the June 30/July 7 issue of Entertainment Weekly column called Hit List by Scott Brown, "VH1 reality is searching for white rappers." Can't wait to see that !!! NOT!


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