Saturday, June 12, 2010

The Ghost of Lauryn Hill

shit ain't been the same since lauryn said, nah
chappelle went, nah
a lot of TAN's saying, nah
badu and jay elec are on some partially, nah
even diddy's spazzing
kanye all capping
so while you clapping
at these smart n's rapping
any poor new yorkers in the new yorker?
they ain't look @whatyouselling
ain't hearing what you telling
that pop-rock ain't culture
i ain't cooking what you smelling
son, my fam is global
the universal local
the universe is loco
n's puff and look at coco
black people soul food
white people whole foods
asian peeps grabbing they chopsticks

hot shit
got these girls in a hurt locker
on some blowing they box shit
i'm a no-no
my homos on some stroking they cock shit
you can't stop this
until i'm top of the top list
at the bottom of topless
seen feathered and tarred
until i scream weathered and scarred
lets raise the bar beyond your dreams
that stay tethered to stars ---
who is he?
tan 3 kizzy
plan to tell your kiddies
raise your hands and grab your titties
stand up,
y'all know the f'ing city
word, i am that shit
make the rest smell shitty
letting u fools hate, why try-and fuck with me?
better to lose weight, die trying like 50


here's how the game works
a lot of heads is stupid
so if you're smart you act a little less stupid
make money off the stupids
making money for a stupid
then you bag it up, sell it
put that on a loop...
chill people, pause, i ain't trying to call you stupid…
it's all living, but how you living might be kinda stupid
don't take me too literal
but you looking for residuals
on someone else's visual
that's gonna take a miracle,
but yo, i ain't trying to get all spiritual…
just shake it up, make you look a little at your rituals
everybody's on some tough tough
a lot of other rough stuff
but ain't nobody tough tough
when kids is on some duff duff
so maybe take a puff puff
chill and pass the huff huff
blow me down blow me down
nah son, hold me down
and don't bluff
like y'all not f'ing with this
poly-phonetic godly-prophetic
highly photogenic
every blog or rapper [now] looking mildly pathetic
when i keep it real
they looking highly hypothetic
get [thy] face in a book
or to digging me on reddit
brain needing calisthenics
iv, call paramedics
b4 u o-d,
on my substance or aesthetics
how long until they get it
eternal sunshine
never b forgetted
RAP's charlie kauffman
when i *cough* and
get you lost in my "Being the Boss Man"
bout to finally buzz
like the finale of lost and
yo cuz …cuz
let me avail ya
no more troubling thoughts
the bubbling that brought around
this clown juggling thoughts
downtown doubling-down
in a down bubble and shorts
spraying these mother-fuddle-duddlin' brown stains for sport...

...just rhymes, white byron crawford, black gawker, kinda awkward, etc

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  1. she's performing at rock the bells check it out when it comes near your town

  2. It's funny, I was at a Van Hunt concert earlier this year and he spent some time going through much the same list as you have here. Turns out he'd written songs about Lauryn - the lyric I remember is 'what is your character / the one who keeps you going', and Dionne Farris (another lost one). It was quite funny in a heartbreaking kind of way, a kind of musical discussion of the perils of celebrity. A reasonable musical career almost seems an oxymoron these days.


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