Thursday, June 17, 2010

Light Up Remix (TAN + Drake)

they call me t.a.
make you shake your t.a.
boogie to the bk
amped without a p.a.
connected like i'm prepaid
flex 'em in the plié
catchin kitty
like i'm asspca
but yo, i gotta girl
she'll throw the flag e-zay
looking for possession
she don't need the instant replay
two minute warning
heads like: that's what she say
like if these jokes
sit down, i aint louis c.k.

these bloggers napping
i'm in the game like e.a.
they don't make it happen
y'all like n's without the b-as
rap: smart n's w/o a b.a.
i'm pinstripes, dj
they somethin' like a d-ray
Slick speaker
baritone twitch speakers
my mic wears cufflinks
over beats that rock sneakers
flows like bose
prose light as rose petals
see my laureate rows
all frozen in gold metal
settle for cold,
question marks of your heart
when weed's sparked
i breathe art
the seas part
emcees bleed
fall to their knees
that's how the disease starts
so easy,
fresher than febreze
one breath
give the game brainfreeeeezey
best to chill, lay back
listen to stevie
let's restart this game of what you believing


in the blink of an eyelid
returns reverse eminem melanin hybrid
know the drill
black people divided
white people say brill, for real, ditto, ibid
i mean ibid
went from ribbit to roar
free blog to book deals
of -cough- digits and more
just fitter
wisdom is pure
mind like a brita
drop the beat and i'll pour
hard to figure, my vernacular switches
with my n's i say n
more than michael richards
call me a racist
in american basics
orphan son of fame whores
and cultural rapists
pursuing that cash
i learn from the greatest
so class, if i nut in your eye
pay for the lasik
sneak peek inside of a freak's mental
talent is for sale,
you streaming a free rental
i will prevail,
ipad or 2-pencil
banking silver screen
or banksy with the stencil
follow your heart
one reason for why
a star that daydreams
needs to bleed in the sky

1 comment:

  1. Anonymous6/21/2010

    Cool. I like the groove and the lyrics.


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