About TAN

Patrice Evans aka TAN aka The Assimilated Negro is a writer living in NYC.

My first book, Negropedia, is out NOW.

I'm part of Team Grantland (Oprah, Tracy, Tribe)

I'm not on Twitter. Crazy, I know. but still...

blogging is something you do, TAN is something you live

Recent online:
ESPN, Grantland press release
Grantland pieces

Why We Need Negropedia - The Daily Beast

"where does the conversation go from here?" - Q & A w/ The New Yorker

A new book that takes a witty approach, The Root 

"Exciting new books to read this fall", Flavorwire

VMA's Break tradition, Tell Me More, NPR

The Free Agent List: 2011's 50  Media Power Bachelors, New York Observer

Making a Hashtag of it, NYTimes


"the assimilated negro destroyed my life ...."

won't you please save this african-american baby???


  1. Patrice!!! How come your "Contact" button don't work??!
    Need your TAN. Hit me up: tglover@ebony.com

  2. Anonymous6/11/2012

    Hi Tan,I first heard you over WHUR 96.3. I am an aspiring writer from the DC area who recently wrote an unpublished book regarding race relations in the inner city, esp between Koreans and African Americans. I also have various other non-published works that pertain to the dichotomy of the professional black male. I would love to work with you and/or get some insight on things I could do. I will travel up to NYC to buy you lunch just to get some perspective on my direction. Please give me a holla: bobby@seoulrevelations.com.


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