Thursday, April 20, 2006

From The TAN Inbox: Vomit Query

So I got this question in my inbox today:
why does all the vomit in the train stations look the same? Is it just that vomit all looks the same or is it something else?

I don't know. But I think its an interesting question. Anyone have an answer?

While you think about it, here are some more inspiring puke shots:

Projectile Puke
[Puke Planet]
Puke on Puke-Colored Couch [Puke Planet]
True Puke []


  1. Negro, you is nasty.

  2. Yo Momma!4/21/2006

    Yuck! I think I'm about to barf!

  3. Anonymous4/21/2006

    Seriously gross post. But one time I had the flu and puked, and the only thing I had eaten all day was rice and nyquil. So what came up was nyquil colored rice. I have to say, all puke is not created equal.

  4. Ms. nauseated commenter4/21/2006

    This is not what I wanted to see just after eating oatmeal. ugh. but i don't know why the person is staring at puke in the train station. I've puked for all types of reasons, migranes, too much alcohol, that time of the month, food poisoning and so on. It depends on what we eat. Babies vomit white because they only take in formula, cereal and milk.

  5. Worst post ever. (gag)

  6. Not my favorite post but you will find link lovin' at You can’t keep a good woman down

  7. Lucifer4/21/2006

    Negro please.

  8. Vomit doesn't faze me, so I found this post funny. Especially the last one. When will people learn to leave drinking to excess to the professionals?

  9. Assimilated Negro:
    I love your vomit piece. I worked as a prosecutor for awhile, filing DUI charges. In Washington, the citing officer must ask the alleged offender what he/she last ate. Inevitably, the responses did not include, "fois gras" or "trout with marmelade reduction," but "Big Mac," "Wings," and "Pizza." Maybe the puke all looks the same due to the unvaried nature of the dinners.


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