Sunday, April 16, 2006

Yes, Even Good Sex ...

It's quite possible that I know sports better than I know anything else in the world. Including the back of my hand, the bottom of my feet, and the underside of my balls. Around the start of the football season I tried to get a little Fantasy Football going on here, but while I was getting started, I was too preoccupied with other ish to get my sports commentary on regularly.

But now it's a new era for TAN, and it's baseball season, and I've decided to get my sports nut off ... and therefore, while we're on the subject of nut-busting, it is time to proclaim that:

The Mets Are Better Than Sex

I just updated it the last week with some season preview/outlook stuff. Along with a couple posts on the first game, and where we are now (9-2 b*tches). Of course, I'm going to try and make it entertaining, but I'm also not planning to dumb it down for the ladies or casual baseball fan. Hardcore son! OPS, lefty-righty splits, why Victor Diaz should be in AAA. If these things mean nothing to you, then stick with TAN. If you know what I'm talking about, then rest assured that no one knows the Mets better than I, you may know them as good as me (yeah I'm talking to you Lupica), but you don't know them better. And with that said, I remind you one more time:

The Mets Are Better Than Sex

wordemup ...


  1. Anonymous4/17/2006

    I'm with you TAN. Let's go mets. Screw the yankees.

  2. I just went to see the Phillys take on the Dodgers (4/9 great game... end of the 9th only HR of the game wins it for Philly)and... well... it was NOWHERE NEAR sex! soooooo those mets must be freaking awesome! =]

    btw I think your about me comment is very clever.

    cheers! Kate

  3. then, TAN, you're doing it wrong.
    sex, not baseball.
    Let's go Red Sox!
    clap clap clapclapclap

    Had to cheer for Pedro yesterday. 200!
    I love him still.
    Mets whatever

  4. Joe (aka Paj-1)4/20/2006

    And yet once again the Braves display their ownership of us. For one day, it looked as if the new Mets (Delgado, Lo Duca, Sanchez) didn't know any better, doing things like getting two-out rbi's and stranding runners on second (for Sanchez). Then came Zambrano's start (good thing we didn't give up anything for him!) and Wright's errors, and here we are again... serving as the usual launching pad early trip to Shea for Bobby Cox and co. BTW, there's too much ego in the room between Darling and Hernandez, not that I don't live for '86 nostalgia.

  5. I guess you mean U.S. sports. I'm pretty sure you don't know sh*t about (real) football, so you can hardly be the most knowledgeable sports guy in the world.



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