Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Miss Information Leans On TAN

So one of my favorite ladies, Erin Bradley, who does one of the dating blogs for Nerve, and also pens the advice column Miss Information, asked me to give a shout for her show Love Ahoy going on at Galapagos tonight.

It's a free show, and the pitch is The Love Boat meets The Dating Game. The Love Boat makes me raise an eyebrow, but Galapagos does that have that water going on, so maybe there will be some actual boating ... indoors. And "that" is ALWAYS worth "it" ... especially when "it" is free.

When you go make sure you tell Erin that TAN sent you, and she owes me ... A LOT.

This has been a TAN Public Service Announcement.


  1. hmmm ... I might check that out, since I'm in BK.

    you going TAN?

  2. Wow, you have pointed me to another bloggers style that I love (so far) - will definetly be reading more of hers later on...


  3. I sent her an email. Love your blog TAN. Hope you are having a nice spring day today. It's mild and sunny here in Chicago.


  4. hello. I´from brazil. i love you blog


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