Thursday, August 30, 2007

Negro Law: Should We Toss Michael Vick to the Dogs?

I will update this post again, but for now since the previous post became a convo about Ebony and Jet mag, I'll give Vick his own space here.

Michael Vick has pleaded guilty in a court of law, but what about the court of public opinion? I explore the ins-and-outs in a series on ebonyjet.

1. Gold Medal Press Conference

2. Must Love Dogs Black People
3. A Race Issue? A Race Opportunity (say: oooooh)
4. I Am Michael Vick


  1. He should be fed to the back of a garbage truck. Like yesterday.

  2. I don't even see how this is up for debate. I disagree with those who say he should receive treatment similar to what the dogs experienced, but a long jail sentence with a side order of anal rape isn't out of the question.

  3. J Hawkes8/30/2007

    I don't think the brother should get jail time, maybe some heavy finds because it was a dumb crime. If O.J. and Kobe can get off for killing and raping some white women, then Vick should not got to jail for fighting and killing some dogs, Pitbulls at that. Hey did ya'll here about the Pitbull that they said "raped" a 2 year old baby in Buffalo NY, call me crazy but I'm pretty sure that Pit is dead. This is just a cover up for that B.S that's going on in Louisana and Jena 6

  4. TAN you re a smart man if I don’t say so myself…enjoyed your articles…


  5. Anonymous8/30/2007

    Why Black America Must Not Abandon
    Michael Vick

    Editorial By: Minister Deric C. Muhammad

    Little Brandon is one of the most intelligent and gifted nine year-olds one could ever meet. He is also my cousin, and an honor roll student. As we sat one afternoon viewing one of the countless CNN news updates regarding the Michael Vick dog fighting debacle, I asked him a question that inspired this brief op-ed.

    "Brandon...what is worse to watch; two dogs fighting or two human beings?" The handsome youngster paused in serious contemplation and gave a look that read "that is a good question". Five or six seconds later he responds: "seeing dogs fight is worse than seeing people fighting." When asked why he felt that way, he retorted "I'm not sure." Brandon and I had a long talk that day.

    That exchange with an innocent child made me to think over exactly how much violence has become woven into the very fabric of American culture. Later on that day, while flipping cable channels, I happened upon a newly popularized phenomenon of savagery called Ultimate Fighting Championship where I watched two bare-knuckled human gladiators beat one another until one lay unconscious and unable to continue. There was so much blood in the ring afterward that a puddle began to form. I saw thousands cheering them on and I realized that this was entertainment. And then I thought about the Hunter/ Vice President Dick Cheney and the staged shooting of rare pheasants (birds) and deer and then I realized this was recreation. And then I thought about Michael Vick and further realize... this is hypocrisy.

    I grew up "in the hood", as they call it, in northeast Houston. I have never seen as many dog fights as I have this past month on CNN. I personally think that dog fighting is uncivilized, but when you witness the type of violence among human beings that takes place where we come from it kind of takes the sting out of a dogfight. (Sorry, PETA.)

    Over 60% of households in the Black community are headed by Black women, leaving it the most "over mothered and under fathered" community in America. There is a natural aggressive tendency in the young Black male to gravitate toward strength, power and security. This is a real reason youngsters join gangs and one of the chief reasons some have an affinity for the pit bull fighting dog. They see these canines as symbols of strength and security. They gravitate toward symbols of strength because the substance is oftentimes absent from the home.

    I don't state these facts to put up a defense or make excuses for Vick regarding any mistakes or errors he may have made in the past. However, it would be hypocritical to pass judgment on him for past missteps, especially when we all have made our own.

    I do not understand how Rev. Sharpton, Julian Bond, Russell Simmons (who I consider a friend) and other Vick critics can be so quick to call for his punishment and not as quick to seek him out to offer counsel, prayer and words of wise guidance. What about all of the charities that Vick contributed time and money to? Does his alleged misdeeds, in relation to these dogs negate all of his good deeds for human beings namely the families of the Virginia Tech shooting victims? What about his community work with at-risk youth in Atlanta and Virginia, the food trucks that he brought to Virginia on Thanksgiving Days to feed needy families, the scholarship opportunities he provided for youth and the monies donated to help single mothers purchase homes?

    Any Black leader who would turn his or her back on Vick should reevaluate and rethink their position carefully. Is Vick perfect? No. But guess what, neither are you and I. If somebody stood by you and helped you when the world was against you then I believe that it is your duty to stand by your brother, help him to correct himself and not throw him to the dogs.

    Again, I am no fan of dog fighting. But, the scriptures teach us that the human being is the "glory of God", not the dog. I believe that the 3000 plus human beings who have lost their lives in Iraq defending their country against imaginary weapons of mass destruction are more important than those dogs. I believe that in a just society, deer hunting and quail killing should be a crime if dog fighting is a crime. I believe that in a civilized society human beings should not profit from savage sport and entertainment, such as ultimate fighting. I humbly submit that most of Vick's critics do not have the moral authority to lambaste him as they have. We need a cultural revolution in America.

    My advice to you, Brother Mike, is to keep your head up, for this, too shall pass. You never know who your real friends are until you get into deep waters like these. There is a saying among (white) Americans that a D-O-G is a man's best friend. The Honorable Elijah Muhammad taught us the root of this thinking and how the dog gained such a high place in the family of Caucasians. I humbly request that you spell it backwards (G-O-D) and there lies "all the friend you need." If Nike, Reebok and the others want to distance themselves from you, then fine. The more these companies, the NFL, so-called leaders and others distance themselves from you; you must get closer to G-O-D. His is the only endorsement you really need. That's real talk, brother.

    I challenge the readers of this editorial to shop my question to children and adults, alike. You will be surprised at the responses you receive. I am asking all Black organizations to join me in the lifting up of Michael Vick and to be careful that we do not participate in the public lynching that is underway. I am asking hip-hop artists, Hollywood power brokers, past and present professional athletes, and yes our community and political leaders all, to not remain silent, but speak up. And last but not least, I am asking Black leaders to remember when someone helped them to turn their stumbling block into a stepping stone.

    Minister Deric Muhammad

    Millions More Movement Ministry of Justice

  6. Honestly, I think it's a bunch of bull. I think that they really gave the man no choice. I know law and law don't move that fast. Also, they all said that he lied. Did he ever actually come out and say it or did he just plead guilty or I am sorry "plea down" to keep from getting anymore charges and all the other crap they threatened. He was backed into a corner. Sold out by this people. It all is a shame to me. I think people are forgetting that pleading guilty doesn't always make you guilty. I don't remember hearing about any hard evidence. Remember people, its innocent until PROVEN guilty. We support R. Kelly, come on.

  7. dada_death8/30/2007

    The difference, to me, between dogs fighting and humans fighting is pretty simple.

    Dogs don't have a say in the matter. Humans do.

    Dogs can't say "fuck this shit, I'm going home." Humans can.

    That is why, I think, Vick should serve time for participating in such a cruel act - forcing beings against their will to fight each other for our entertainment, and they have absolutely NO method to either fight back at the perpetrators, walk away, or retaliate with lawsuits later.

    Honestly? Fuck Michael Vick. I'm not even one of the PETA fucks who think that animal rights supercede our own. But anybody who thinks it's entertaining to force ANY living being to fight to the death is one sick fuck, and they don't deserve big houses and multimillion dollar contracts.

    Don't tell me I need to "stand by my brother." I ain't standing by NO motherfucker who has a sense of disregard for other lives, even if those lives are "just dogs." I disown Michael Vick. He is a disgrace.

    Fuck Michael Vick. Black people don't need him, just because he can throw the ball good.

  8. We should definitely re-segregate, whites can't stand you stank ass n niggers and who gives a fuck what you think anyway?

  9. I think what he did was wrong. the case was rock solid. The dogs were buried on the property. His defense was put in a bad position as result of him not coming clean soon enough. He should do whatever time is given to him. It's better this way for him, because we all know if PETA has locked their jaws on you that means all of Hollywood is at it too and as we've seen its a feeding frenzy. Showing what accountability he did will pay dividends later if he stays the course.

  10. Vick was/is a fool. But God has been known to save fools, so maybe if he prays hard enough, he'll receive a lighter sentence..LMAO!

  11. just stumbled across your blog today.. very nice spread you have here.

    anyway, M.Vick has pretty much already been tried, convicted, and hung from a noose in the court of public opinion.

    Not sure if he'll do jail time since money does talk and green often times can buy "justice" for the right price.

  12. The man is a celebrity. He fully understood that NFL players are in the public eye, and he happily profited from his celeb-status both directly and indirectly.

    The public has no right, properly so, to determine his official punishment. However, I believe we have a moral mandate to taunt and criticize his dog-torturing ass, to the same extent to which we cheered his touchdowns (or whatever, Bagel don't know sports).

    Our blog has been following the Vick story since 7/22. We've been getting entirely too many incoming searches for "michael vick white man’s conspiracy". That sickens me. Are there seriously people out there who think this is about race?

  13. I won't even discuss the racial argument as that's been done to death. I'll just say this:

    I wonder if all the people who have a problem with Michael Vick are vegetarians. I also wonder, if they're not, if they put pressure on the corporations to treat the animals we put in our plate more humanely. Just a thought. I'm no vegetarian, but looking in the mirror does a lot to quiet the riot police.

  14. @jose- worst crime in America: be accused of hurting a pet.

    @bagel: yes. Plenty.

    I look at it from a different POV: this is about the culture of violence in sports–all sports. That's what we expect. Hit harder, faster, etc. And we cheer.

    How do you think these dudes get that way?

    Are we really surprised when we hear stories like this OTHER than the draw being it happened to a celebrity? Look what happens on a slow news day when some other no-name player is involved in a DUI. All of a sudden he becomes news just because he happens to play in a pro league when people every single day are busted for it.

    That it's Vick? Damn, that's hitting Powerball in the gossip lottery. His celebrity may be the reason he is now under scrutiny, but many have said he's in trouble only BECAUSE he’s black. I have toruble defending that position because it excuses the crime due to race.

    You kill a dog, black, white, whatever, you deserve to pay the price, no?

    Having said that? I still think some coach will take a chance on him when this is over. He's too good not to and the league is full of 3rd, 4th, 5th chance players who coaches always think they can rehabilitate and ‘fix.’

  15. Anonymous3/31/2009

    I hope Michael Vick and everyone else who is involved in dogfighting gets cancer. An accelerated form of cancer that is incurable. I hope their families suffer and I hope that they never have any children to infect with their way of thinking. People like this are bad for our planet. They should not be able to waste our air by breathing it.
    People who hurt animals are assholes. We are better than that, whether your skin is black, white, red, brown, or yellow.

  16. Anonymous4/14/2010

    vick did a brave thing. all pitbulls should be killed. period. they are so outrageously dangerous that i just puked. pitbulls should be systematically exterminated. bless you michael vick. you helped protect many children and other animals from these ferocious beasts. it should be illegal to own a pitbull in this country. vick was helping us get rid of these damned things! bless you michael. archangel michael. praise be to jesus and to the pitbull killa!

  17. Michael Vick's non existant heart and soul12/29/2010

    Michael Vick is a peice of shit that shou;dn't be allowed on a football field, or to EVER own a dog. He's already beaking off that he wants to won another one.

    The disgraced animal named Michael Vick belongs in a cage.



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