Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Watch What You Put In Your Mouth Ladies

There's probably something to be said here about various forms of meat and misogyny, and how it's all bad for women. But whatever ...

What doesn't work here is the teeth situation. The slightly open lips are supposed to be sexy, but teeth scraping has to be top 3 guys-worst-nightmare torture tactics, so I don't know... less toothy please.

Also, I'm surely among the biggest suckers for caucasian female imagery -- I'd eat okra-flavored flan if a cute light-skin tells me it's hot and delicious (actually that's not true, but I will spray some Axe into the air and pause just to see if something really happens) -- but for some reason I don't think this girl is going to be hot.

I'm curious what the ladies think. Jezebel found a generational gap (amongst the editors) in their responses ...

via Jezebel


  1. Anonymous8/02/2007

    Not sexy! My first impression (before I noticed the condom box) was that the woman in the ad was trying to hide a nasty case of oral herpes.

  2. Yeah, herpes was my first thought, too. Gross. I also think the teeth are weirdly prominent, which makes her look kind of hillbillyish. Ugh, nothing about this ad is sexy.

  3. I find it offensive. For like a million different reasons. A few:

    1.) Featureless woman
    2.) Men--you wish! and if you had one like that you're not coming anywhere near me (I knew someone who dated someone who *was* that big. She said it was awful).
    3.) Seriously, littleboys sitting in a big room trying to be clever and "kewl", that's the BEST you could come up with??? My Advertising Design Prof at Pratt is probably cringing right now. I should go find him and ask him.
    4.) Just because everyone is this comfortable with imagery like this, doesn't mean it's a good thing.

  4. Let's be honest with ourselves TAN. Even if that was all you could see of this girl, you wouldn't hesitate to let her unwrap your fudgesicle. I applaud you feigned indifference for the sake of social commentary, but at the heart of it 95% of us men are simple creatures when it comes to getting blown.

  5. i have to go with funny. i also have to go with a lot of testosterone and wishful thinking floating in the room (advertising jargon for bar) at the time of inception. for the record, bandaids do NOT help. or so i've heard.

  6. and speaking of axe and the o word, this is what i can see on my tv these days during commercial breaks.

    ps: TAN, i hope it's okay to post a link. if it isn't, i'll have to hide behind my ignorance.

  7. Anonymous8/03/2007

    yeh that ad is totally WACK!!!

  8. umm wow. DEFINITELY a male-conceived idea. i thought she was hiding a case of herpes like everyone else. not sexy. and let's be real...there are like 2% of the male population that actually could do this...and that would need these condoms.

    my guess is there's going to be a lot of overzealous men with improper fitting condoms.

  9. File Under: Wishful Thinking.

  10. Very interesting!

    I recently made a comment on a blog that I'd love to be intimate with a black man and was shot down viciously for being 'racist.'

    Their argument was that personality, charisma etc should count as well, which it does, but the fact that I'd made specifics about colour caused a storm.

    Honestly, is it inappropriate in your opinion?


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