Thursday, August 23, 2007

TAN in TONY: Segregation 2.0

Time Out New York has The Race Issue on stands this week. They put a call in to TAN, and I returned it with a call to bring back segregation.

They subsequently got Carmen Van Kerckhove of Racialicious to -- in their words -- rebut the silver-tongued arguments of the Assimilated one.

I thought only ladies knew the metallic makeup of my tongue (BLAM!).

Of course it's tough to give a real argument for something as profound as segregation in 400 words or less, but I'll be gosh-darned if I won't give it the ol' affirmative-action try.

Available online or in the mag ... Segregation 2.0 ... holla!

Ethnic in the city [Time Out New York]


  1. wow. patrice?

    this mag is pretty interesting. thanks for the info.

    i can't wait to move to new york! and i think we're pretty segregated as it is...even here in the blogosphere.

  2. You nailed it brother. The fact of the matter is that we are segregated even when we live in the same hood.

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  4. preach brotha preach!


  5. B.G. Haskins8/25/2007

    It's scary to hear a fellow brother use the same arguments for segregation that brought about Jim Crow laws in the first place. Sure, a whole generation of black people suffered beatings, lynchings, assassinations and all kinds of other heinous things just to get rid of it. But you seem to take a short-sighted view that we're all better off with our own kind, rather than see it for what it really is - symbolic of the inequality, especially economically, and racism that has persisted because so many people have forgotten that the struggle didn't end with Dr. King and Malcom X. The fact that people still distrust one another and fall back into ethic cliques is a sign that we have a lot of work to do to.

  6. Anonymous8/25/2007

    I think you've lost your mind.

  7. Anonymous8/27/2007

    Wasn't this satirical? Why are people taking this seriously?

  8. I thought it was provocative... we all segregate ourselves... and to be honest, as a Black woman, I don't think that just because you're Black, you're my brother/sister and you won't hurt me, "family" will get you first! I don't associate with people that belive that HOOD, GHETTO and BLACK EXPERIENCE in AMERICA are matter their race. So even if segregation was brought back formally, to validate the informal separation that we impose on ourselves (to a certain extent) there would be division and dissention within the sanctioned racial/ethnic and socio-economic ranks... I enjoyed it though.. good job!

  9. AskThisBlackWoman8/27/2007

    Can you believe in segregation and be biracial and date white girls? If so, I totally agree with you.

  10. T, tell me the truth. Was this satirical? For serious I have to ask this question. I'm back from Cali which is segregated non-institutionally. Let's catch a drink cause we need to build on that article. Seriously. You got some science and so do I.

    Let's make this happen.


  11. Rev. Dr. King was clear on this point: hatred harms the SOUL. We have a lot more at stake here by debating segregation than where we choose to live or what music we listen to. It's debating our ability to love. Segregation has always been about choosing to share a common community, i.e. to love. And if you can't love than how can you experience God? MLK got it straight from the Bible (1John): if you say you love God but you hate other people, you're a liar and the truth is not in you.

  12. I may get your point. Its not about hate anymore. We the people kicked that. Its about freedom of choice. I can listen to what I want, you can too. My sister wants to marry a black man, she can (she did and she's quite happy with her life thank you ). I want to hang with white heavy metal types, I can. We choose our own groups, nobody chooses them for us anymore.

  13. Well, I for one thought you were funny. And satirical, and actually, quite clever. Unfortunately for you, people just don't get stuff like that anymore. It's why nobody "gets" Poppy's writing, either, and he hasn't been published in eons because of it (so take that as a warning, you! Black men writing white Satire sets off all the alarms).

    And not for nothing, I tend to agree with you, but I call myself an "equal opportunity hater" cuz I just generally think people generally suck. All people. And I happily practice self-segregation every and my Albanian Sun.

    On the other hand, it irks the fucking SHIT out of me that we're STILL talking about "black and white" in racism and completely missing the freaking point that it's NEVER been ALL "black and white". Read some history, people! Go to a Pow Wow! Sheesh!


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