Thursday, September 06, 2007

I'm Starting An Opera-Soul Band Called Brown Pavarotti

Sometimes there's a special magical quality when great black people and great white people do their thing together. This duet between James Brown and Luciano Pavarotti would be an opportunity for race-egalitarians to say "they're just great singers." But I think, especially for uniquely awesome moments like these, the race dynamic is clearly just one of the delicious ingredients. There's something "Racist" about this performance, but oh what a beautiful, lyrical racism it is!

Quick, somebody tell a joke!


  1. Ow! It’s to hot! Too hot for the hot tub! Ow! James Brown is too hot for the opera!


  2. daaang homie. email would be nice. geesh! but, it's cool. lol.

  3. I love Hip Hop and Opera mixed together. I got this song in my head. I am going to have to have it produced. Thanks for this video. Powerful.

  4. i'm not sure attorneymom if you can consider 'it's a man's world', hip hop, but that's neither heree nor there.

    i totally think there's something racist about this moment on vid - but i dunno if it's on james or lucianno's part. i think it's the dumbass producers at the time who were probably the ones buying those tshirts on the street, the 'one love' tshirts. probably mi 90's producers who were just trying way way too hard to show 'integration', all the they don't notice they aren't actually being or achieving what they intend.

    see the backup singers they hired?!
    'let's hire two black ones and two white ones, and then place them like candy cane stripes next to each other on the stage!'
    hilarious, ridiculous, so sad, and racist.

  5. Everything in America has to be "Black" or "White". Which is stupid. But whatever.

    But wow. The Soul Brother #1 and the Maestro together... you can't get much more DIVO-ish then that!!!

  6. Anonymous9/09/2007

    um........I can't stop staring as I have never seen this before and am now wondering if it was a figment of my vast imagination.....nope, it's still there, so it must be (?)

    wait...was that Strange' I mean Grace Jones at the beginning of that viedo?

  7. I shriver at the things James Brown did for money in his life.

    Just kidding.

    Love the song. The kind of music a young couple in love would make love to. It would seem to reach unknown emotions.

  8. Its like my Chocolate Mousse and Duke's BBQ pork ribs. Both are wonders of the culinary world but they don't belong on the same plate.

  9. what a great, great song.
    thanks for posting this video. i was unaware they had sung together. btw, is there anybody the man didn't sing with?
    scenics aside, i almost peed my pants.


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