Thursday, September 27, 2007

Into The Box: The Manhattan Race Card

Are you into New York City Real Estate? If you got the money, who isn't? And if you don't, well it can still be nice to keep tabs and know what neighborhood you want to live in when you can afford it.

Well the new ish now for doing just that — keeping tabs on NYC Real Estate — is Into The Box, where they do a daily video on the latest news, trends, and politics of the NYC Real Estate scene.

Hosted and helmed by telegenic brunette, Rachel Natalie Klein, the daily vids are slick well-produced 2-3 minute affairs. And for today's episode on "The Manhattan Race Card" they came by TAN's humble abode to talk a little about segregation and ethnics leaving the city.

Rachel and I met a year or so ago, when we both called "SpaHa" our home turf. She was looking for a bagel, and I was looking for a white jewish girl who knows how to make fried chicken. I think we're both still looking, now in different hoods, and perhaps now for different things ... but it was fun getting to help out with her new project.

Anybox, peep the video. Then go check out IntoTheBox and tell Rachel what you think. This is a new style for NYC Real Estate, and they just launched, so I'm sure she'll appreciate the feedback.

Next week I might add some color to the incident she briefly mentions in her Behind the Scenes section:

"When he brought us into his home for the interview, we (well, I) had a small fiasco with his bathroom toilet."

Small fiasco indeed! In fact, my toilet still trembles at the memory.

NYC Real Estate Obsession Leads To Video Blog [NY Sun]


  1. I live in West Harlem (Sugar Hill) and I still look forward to to occasional preoccupied UWS commuter who mistakenly gets on the A and not the C @ 59th St and then the look of horror that inevitably comes when they realize the next stop is 125th St.


    Even before the "mass exodus" of black people from the city we still were segregated. Even if I could afford to live in other parts of Manhattan I would still stay in Harlem...

  2. Anonymous9/27/2007

    ^^Oh yes, I love watching lost folks panic during that jump from 59th St to 125th st. That should be a new game, or reality show.

  3. Lol...but I would so watch that show

  4. dude, I'm all about the minorities staying in Manhattan. "Different spices" hardly means different cabinets. Further, doesn't this unfortunate exodus simply mean that minorities aren't sharing in all the cool pay increases? As for me, I'm collecting my share and staying put.

  5. Anonymous12/10/2008



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