Friday, September 28, 2007

See-Through Frog Legs Taste Like Chicken

Some Japanese scientists have created the first transparent four-legged creature. It's a frog.

And kind of disgusting.

See-Through Frog: No Dissection Necessary


  1. That's some WFS if I eva saw it.

    them PETA fools was probably behind this so people could stop dissecting frogs.


  2. It is my life's aspiration to be the man who approves research grants for things like this. I will be sitting there, behind my unnecessarily large desk when a humble scientist with a crazy hat on will amble in, slap a folder down on my desk, and shout, "TRANSPARENT FROGS!" And I will marry him on the spot. "Take all the money you need! Take it all!"

    I also want to be the scientist that COULD potentially cure cancer, but instead invents a sex-revitalizing drug or negates the opaque nature of reptiles.


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