Tuesday, November 13, 2007

EbonyJet: The Dearth of Black Satire

If You Can't Take A Joke .... [EbonyJet]

UPDATE: The NY Times taps into this stream with a discussion about race in sitcoms. Reading the piece and their examples, it's almost like race is the issue that tests the edginess and unique perspective of a writer. All the shows that grab my attention handle the subject in new, funny and different ways. Cheers to those guys!

Race on Sitcoms
[NY Times]


  1. Anonymous11/13/2007

    Aaron McGruder rules.

  2. I've always found Macgruder's work very hit-or-miss, and liked the idea of the Boondocks more than I liked actually reading/watching it.. but last week's Thugnificent episode was straight brilliant, hope it means is the year he comes into his own.

  3. TAN, I haven't read your blog in months. (What? Don't get all huffy. You know you haven't been reading mine, either.) But oddly enough, I happened to find myself at ebonyjet.com this evening (a friend mentioned the pretty Michael Jackson cover), and lo and behold, Mr. TAN has gone and written a column over there. Well done!

  4. whoiselusive12/16/2007

    aaron mcgruder is uncle ruckus. he's been a little over the top with HIS use of the N-word. I light of our present situation, I think he should tone it down. I think he could get his point across with out it and I fing myself turning off his show. no wonder imus, noose carriers etc feel like the have the license...our own people do it on the regular in the name of "satire"...so sad and played out!


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