Saturday, November 17, 2007

What Does One Wear to a Stevie Wonder Concert?

So I'm going to Stevie Wonder at MSG tonight. According to BV -- the only source I consulted on the matter -- it's only, like, his second show in NYC in the past ten years or so. So, it's a hot ticket.

I ascribe Stevie no lower value than "proof of God's existence" so needless to say I'm excited for the show.

But I don't know what a young[ish] TAN wears to such an event. Do I go a little more formal out of respect for Stevie and the inevitable presence of Negro Elders in the audience? Button up/down shirt, jeans and shoes. Or do I max my comfort level, cause it's all about enjoying the music, and go with jeans and t-shirt with some sort of long-sleeved addition underneath for November-weather insulation? That's most comfy, but feels a little irreverent-hipstery for a Stevie show.

It's not a huge deal either way, not like I don't go with one or the other in your average 2-3 day stretch. And he's not gonna see either way. But it's Stevie God, so I do want to give it some consideration.

In any event, I'll have a review/report on the show next week.

And now that I've thought about it some, I'm thinking I'm just gonna go with my blue Stevie dress. I haven't worn that in a while:

Soundtrack of My Heart: You & I


  1. UTOPIA711/18/2007

    OMG I HEARD PRINCE SHOWED UP !! PLEASE post your review !

  2. Anonymous11/18/2007

    I envy you from the depths of my soul. I live in Cleveland. I bought tickets for Mr. Wonder's show, but, apparently, the other Negroes in Cleveland didn't quite understand how momentous it was that Stevie was touring. Said Cleveland Negroes did not buy tickets. Mr. Wonder's concert was "postponed" due to a lack of interest, making Cleveland the official BAMA capital of the world.
    Do blog of the wonderriffic time you had.

  3. hadiyapedia11/18/2007

    umm yea, i too live in Cleveland and was uber pissed to not have received my once in a life time does of stevie!

    * for the record i am not a bama!

  4. paj1 and i were there on sat. night. i dressed up like i was going to the shadow. you know, grown & sexy. hubby laughed at me and reminded me that stevie cannot see me.

    how hot was tony bennett?

  5. wear the button up...

  6. The Old Pooperoo11/19/2007

    "Proof of God's Existence", indeed. How many people in the history of humankind have brought so much pleasure to so many people, and he's been doing it since he was 10 or 12 years old (I'm old enough to remember when he was "Little Stevie Wonder", although I'm younger than he is). This guy is a legitimate, balls to the wall, flat out genius. I envy you that you got to see him live (I was gonna get tickets but life intervened, as it usually does).

  7. "he's not gonna see either way..." wrong.. but hysterically funny

  8. I saw Stevie with my parents and a passel of their friends back in 1981 - the Hotter than July tour. I can't recall what any of us wore (not that anyone "dressed" for the event, it was fashion-free Seattle, after all) but I do remember that night as a.) one of the best shows I've seen TO DATE and with b.) some of the best blow I've had the pleasure of sniffreezing.

    To this day, I feel somehow...annointed.

  9. I finally saw Stevie in Memphis a few weeks ago. Great show! I live in central Illinois. His Chicago show got rained out, and I couldn't get back up there the next night. So, I bought tickets for Cleveland. Postponed. So, I figured I'd try Memphis. Bingo. I noticed that the tour posters they were selling at the venue in Memphis said Tour 2007-2008. Hopefully, he'll play some more soon!


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