Monday, November 05, 2007

TAN's Gawker Gallery

So I get asked about Gawker a decent amount. I've done a few different things for them, so here is the portfolio of selected Gawker clips:

Special Correspondent: I started as a Special Correspondent, specifically Special Correspondent for Brown People Issues, as dubbed by former editor Jesse Oxfeld. Some negroes may squint their eyes, but I thought the title was kind of genius:

This was my debut ... some might say it's all downhill from here.

Smells Like Negro Musk
... This was my last "Special Report," I enjoyed talking about one of my favorite subjects: black hipsters.

Negrok/China IM chat
I enjoyed this chat, in part because it was very impromptu and done from chat-to-post in an hour or so. Spinach Dip was a good foil, filled with reason and sensibility, while i made exclamatory jokes. Come to think of it, intelligent articulate people often make good "foils" for me. I got more backlash than expected for this. Asians were hating.

Black History Month: This was a very un-gawker like post, but it was for Black History Month, so I think they just let me do whatever..... or rather, obviously they let me do whatever. Give me whatever and I'll give you the world Wigger History Month.


Guest Editing: For a couple days in the summer of '06 everyone went on vacation, and they were forced to call up talent from the Negro Leagues. I subbed for Jessica Coen. Before this guest-edit stint I thought blogging was a fun means of sharing news and giving your opinion and such, but after a couple days on the job full-time I realized it's more Gateway To Hell than anything else. In any event, here are a handful of posts that came out of that two-day stint:

The Vagina Dialogues
, prob my favorite post

morning after pill, "just woke up and boy do we feel pregnant," still makes me giggle.

bloggers are cheap, but you knew that already

times masturbation, breaking: couples are using computers

subway record, a nyc post ...


Columnist-y: Then came a couple columns/series/something-or-others:

Ghetto Pass

First Responders

???Inside The Commenter's Studio ...???


Slave Auction-y: And we should never forget February of '07 when I was sold off as part of a White Castle Valentine. Good times, good times.

And so it goes ...


  1. So are you trying to tell us that Nick Denton is setting you up as the editor of Gawker for Black folks, kinda like how "The Jeffersons" was a spin-off of "All in the Family"? Keep me posted.

  2. I know I have been mia for the better part of a year, but I can't believe I have known you for two years, where have the years went. And whenever I feel nostalgic about my old blogger friends- I am always like I wander what tan is up to- unfort, work precludes me from checking the internets about almost anything- and I only found your blog again, cause I was doing a random google search of all possible user names and your blog comes as number 2!- when you google my email address. funny times. We should get coffee some time.


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