Monday, November 19, 2007

Stevie Wonder: Some Videos

So as mentioned before, I'm gonna have a report on the Stevie Wonder concert at MSG this past Saturday. In the meantime, in-between time, here are some Stevie vids I've come across:

Superstition was performed, of course, similar setting with him at the keyboard and a band behind him. Good stuff. Now just imagine Prince coming out to join him on guitar. I had to take my clothes to the cleaners from people's heads exploding around me:

Tony Bennett made a special guest appearance as well. The performance was similar to this one:

I'm personally partial to Stevie's up-tempo version of "For Once In My Life," and here's a version of that. Stevie didn't have dancers for this show, and I suspect this video may indicate the reason why.

The longest/extended version of a song award went to "Ribbon in the Sky":

And my personal favorite Stevie song (if you can have a favorite), You & I:


  1. I like that song, isn’t she lovely, I’m not sure of the title, but it reminds me of my dad. And ‘signed sealed delivered’ too. I used to dance to it when I was little. Had no idea what he was talking about either.

  2. Stevie is an American Icon..."You will know","That Girl", "As", "Do I Do"...there are so many...If you do not own the four-disk set of his greatest hits, then you need to get that...

  3. Thanks for posting all these Stevie videos!

  4. Hoping he did Livin' for the City.

    And I can imagine many heads exploding at a Prince cameo.

    The guy from Maroon 5 owes his career to Stevie, as does Jay Kay of Jamiroquai.

  5. OMG these videos made my day!

    *looks around for Musiquarium CD*

  6. That's awesome. Stevie is the man. One of my favorites is "Overjoyed".

    I remember being 5 and spending HOURS looking at the cover of "Signed, Sealed, Delivered", thinking "did he really travel in that box? where did he go? what happened when he got there?". My favorite song on that album was "Heaven Help Us All".

    He rocks. Glad you got to see him. AND PRINCE!

  7. That last vid is from a BBC special that was on maybe 8 or 10 years ago. I remember watching it and aside from the supreme awesomeness of Stevie, the male backing vocalist provides much entertainment. During 'Superstition' he completely loses his shit, he's dancing all over the stage, wildin' out. I can't say I blame him - if I was up there singing 'Superstition' with Stevie, I too would lose my shit.

    Anyway, if you can hunt down that video, it's worth watching for the laugh factor.


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