Friday, March 07, 2008

Brett Favre: The Last Great White Quarterback

With all the hullabaloo (there's a word I used growing up in the Bronx all the time) over Brett Favre retiring and the end of an era in Green Bay -- nay, the NFL! -- I couldn't help but wonder if perhaps Mr. Wrangler deciding to hang up his jeans will signal the end of The Great White Quarterback Era as well.

Of course I don't mean to imply there won't be anymore white quarterbacks in the NFL, or even great white ones. I'm talking about the "Great White Quarterback" story as an iconic igniter for racial flamewars. Over the past 5 years or so when his play ranged from MVP-caliber to MVPiece-of-doo-doo caliber, Favre was the poster boy for anyone looking to point out unfair treatment of white QBs vs. Black QBs (or other athletes).

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The Last Great White Quarterback [FanHouse]


  1. White though he was, Favre, for all his Wrangler-wearing whiteness, was the rare player that no one disliked. He loved the game, and lovers of the game loved him.

    He brought a freshness, a simple love for football, that transcended race.

  2. What about Tom Brady or Peyton Manning?

    It is fair enough to say that alot of people hate Tom Brady, though.

    And for the record, we love Brett Farve!

    He transcends international boundaries, as most of the football (soccer) team my boyfriend plays with, all love him, too.

    Nothing is funnier than seeing a room full of British people watching NFL films and getting excited about it!


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