Saturday, March 22, 2008

Vogue Offers LeBron A Banana?

On Fanhouse I wonder how someone could see racism in the recent Vogue cover featuring LeBron and Gisele?

It's one thing to have some racialized (or whathaveyou) thoughts come to mind, I'm down with that, but it's a stretch to call foul on this cover. On Vogue, but especially on LeBron. You gotta let a brother live. Getting to manhandle Gisele on the cover of Vogue is pretty much a no-brainer for any man, from 8-80, no matter the potential image crisis.

All I'm saying is if that cover is a problem, we definitely have to go back and do something about this one:

Like going back and putting me in the dress and heels.

I Don't Think Vogue Is Saying Someone Should Give LeBron A Banana [Fanhouse]


  1. The image says more than whatever the articles inside may entail. It just seems off.

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  3. It's a fantastic picture and yes she's gorgeous and yes he looks on top of his game. In Britain we have no parallel in terms of Athletes who would look comfortable and un-selfconscious and are handsome enough. Didier Drogba maybe or Christiano Ronaldo - the latter appears too precious and with tales of misdemeanours at Man U Christmas party he would probably be a no-brainer as far as many editors were concerned. And who would the3 model be - at the moment in Britain and much of Europe female models are to look aloof, the closest we have come of late has been Kate Moss shovelling down the bolivian marching powder with Pete Doherty

  4. Just wanted to say love the blog name. Funny stuff...

  5. People are silly. It's just a picture.

  6. @|Jasmine

    it's never JUST a picture.

    and TAN, it's okay not to get upset by the picture -- not to take offense -- but it must be acknowledged that that shit JUST don't look right.

    plain and simple.


  7. Anonymous3/24/2008

    It doesn't look right in so many ways. As an action shot, it looks like 2 completely different pictures.
    And you can't deny there is something of the King Kong about it.

    Odd that Vogue seems to have more black men than women on their covers (Jacko included)...

  8. @cami

    I honestly feel that if no one had said anything about it you and so many others would have not been racially offended.

    What doesn't look right is that it's an ugly picture and neither of them look as attractive as they actually are. It's a lame picture in general, but a racist one? I doubt it.

    And pictures are JUST pictures... People decide what to do with them and how they see them.

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  11. Jas

    I see what you are saying, but I saw this picture, and reacted to it, before reading any blogs w/any commentary.

    To me, it was as plain as day. The similarities were staring me in the face.

    ..and re: a picture -- I am a photographer; so when I take a picture, the point of taking it in the first place is to make it transcend being JUST a photo. A photo carries much power with it; it can change perspective, it can make you sad, it can call you to action.

    So no, they are not just photos.


  12. am i the only one who wishes that it was giselle with tom brady making the same face on the cover?

  13. Racism? give me a break! he´s a basketball player, she´s a model they´re posing as what they are, people need to stop being so darm sensitive. By the way I want him!!

  14. it's racist in that it perpetuates old stereotypes and fears, black man as strong aggressor, white woman as unable to resist. i'm real white and i see this

  15. fishesalot3/28/2008

    It's a hell of a shot, and though I hate to feel or say it...'s got a Mandingo vibe.



  16. Anonymous4/11/2008

    Image transcends so many complex issues. This cover shot says it all. If it really wanted to gain the attention of LeBron being the third male to grace to cover of Vogue with the context of beautiful bodies, why couldn't it be more sexual, passionate and intimate? Instead it stirs up the old taboo of black male aggressive.
    If the Patriots won the Super Bowl Tom Brady would be on the cover with Gisele in a very strong sexual pose holding both championship trophy and trophy model. Were the other two males (George Clooney and Richard Gere)showing sterotypical aggression while bouncing a basketball? NO!
    Of course Eli Manning with Gisele would have really caused a stir.
    But it is a relief to Tom and others when it was probably said: "Don't worry, we'll make a "monkey" out of LeBron".
    Shame on Annie Lez-bowitz.


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