Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Is That A Tattoo On Your Eyeball or Are You Just Happy To ... BE FRIGGIN' RETARDED?

Just when you thought your plain-jane boring-ass eyes had seen it all, some dude out in Canada decides to up the ante and get the world's FIRST EYEBALL TATTOO.

I feel like this had to stem from a combination of a lost bet and verbal misunderstanding, I'm guessing the guy was partying and thought if he didn't down the whole 6-pack in 60 seconds he was just gonna have to "tack up some drywall." But nope. He sobered up and his friends held him to it, "no dude, we said TAT your EYEBALL. And that's it. No backsies!"

On second thought, the guy's name is listed in the article as "Pauly Unstoppable"(!). And in addition to the must-have Blue Eye he looks like he was out tanning with Wonder Woman's belt strapped around his forehead. So he's probably just an idiot eccentric hipster type. Good for him!

Also, see what Canada's health care system gives them the freedom to do? Hail Canada!

World's First Eyeball Tattoo [The Sun]

via: Balk


  1. NO NO NO NO NO!!! What is wrong with people!!

    I'm all for body art, but tattooing your EYE? That's straight CRAZY!!

  2. Anonymous3/05/2008

    This was on an episode of CSI (I think) or a similiar show, but I'm sure CSI.

  3. Countdown to when his eye rejects the ink, he goes blind and dies shortly thereafter, and his friends start the Pauly Unstoppable foundation so that his "live your dream" legacy lives on.

  4. Hmm, that's kind of pretty but it makes my eye water.

  5. Nah man ... jump to the article, click on the images, look at number 3, and check out dudes nails. Then ask yourself if this really seems like a safe procedure?

  6. Anonymous3/20/2008

    Oh dear... This is not the words first eyeball tattooing. Cosmetic surgeons and the like have been tattooing diseased and deformed eyes for a long time.

    Oh, also: This post was full of false and inaccurate statements. Check your stuff before you post.

  7. That is damned gross. Crazy crackers.


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