Tuesday, March 11, 2008

The Roots Play The Hills

If The Roots had to do a song for The OC or The Hills this would be it. And it would be perfect. They have remarkable execution when trying to capture a sensibility and transpose it into Roots Audio™. This song, "Birthday Girl," is like white person DNA. It's amazing.

Found via Fader, and they're right, they should just go ahead and make this the video:

UPDATE: This thread on okayplayer has ?uest and others talking about the song, the upcoming album (which ?uest previews in snippets), and the state of The Roots (possibly their last album on Def Jam???).

Songs To Know: Silent Treatment

Hattip: Gingerlynn


  1. This is not to show off but for real, I just last week suggested to the president of Converse that they make this song the company's anthem, and sign the Roots to an endorsement deal. People don't understand that in order to bring more of the same a band (or a brand) has to make money. That's the whole reason to make money, so you can touch more people.


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