Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Love That German Egineering In Advertising

I really just love the Germans and their edgy advertising campaigns. You might remember them for the UNICEF ad that put little aryan kids in black chocolate-face to engender support for African children. Or this one about not kissing/crawling up your boss's ass for work. Or this doggie-eating-coochie cover for Deutsch Magazine. Always edgy and provocative ... and fun!

Well the latest sample, via Copyranter, is for some sort of Play-Dohesque modeling clay. Build the utopian post-racial world of your dreams! Of course you need more than clay, you also need that sophisticated progressive German sensibility/taste for rabble-rousing.

image via: Copy, colribus


  1. top image looks like some sort of be-froed African fish ...

  2. Germany is supposedly still very backwards regarding race and sexism, so it makes you wonder if those ads are progressive or regressive.

    Also the black "person" in the top ad looks like the model for the drunken negro cookies you posted a while back


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