Friday, February 27, 2009

Magic Was Always A Caucasian Man's Game

Even when it went "street", and then post-racial with David Blaine, you never got many assimilateds picking your card out the deck, or pulling colored tissue-paper from the ol' esophagus. I guess history (or a late 90s Def Jam comedian) would say we were too busy making your shit disappear, like, for real. Like, hold the applause and call the cops cause your missing ipod is not going to turn into a dove; it's going to turn into tears of embarrassment and a return trip to the apple store...

In any event it's good to see hipster pied-piper Gavin McInnes reclaiming the craft. And adding a little extra something-something for your troubles.

(I wouldn't say this vid is unsafe for work (original post here), but there could be some undesirable imagery. magic!)

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