Thursday, July 23, 2009

Got Beef, The Game Vs. Jay-Z: Satellite Just Went Down

"A wise man once said don't argue with fools/ cause people from a distance can't tell who is who"

So a couple days ago, somewhat surprisingly, the hegemonic Jay-Z did actually speak out on the whole beef with "The Game", and he wasn't particularly stately about it saying bluntly, "tell groupie, get over it".

The Game, who when not barking in front of the Hov estate has been tussling with Bow Wow in ALL CAPS, was probably delighted to get wind of Jay taking notice, and subsequently gave an *exclu-clu-clusive* to the Boodah Brothers where he fires back.

It's more of the same, which is to say childish blather from someone not playing in the same league really. Like if the kid who dunked on LeBron recently started talking to the press about how he is a better all around ball player than James. ...As I'm writing this, I sort of feel like I'm too biased to Jay, but Game calls Jay ugly, old, and wonders why he doesn't have a child "is he firing blizzanks or somethin'". It's like, come on, really? For 15 minutes, that's all you got? Firstly, ugly, besides being childish when repeated ad infinitum, is irrelevant when this guy is marrying (married?) a girl widely considered "the hottest chick in the game". Nextly, hello, we're all gonna get old. Thirds: Game's bio talks about a history of child abuse, from presumably too-young parents, ... so the final stab seems particularly short-sighted.

He also says a lot of ridiculous nonsense implying Jay would be wise to let the beef marinate for his (Jay's) own publicity. Meanwhile Jay's talking about never having a record deal again. Uhhhhm, ok ....

Besides the fact that no one respects this kind of lowball superficial kind of attack in hip hop, even from Jay-Z himself (c.f Jay backlash when he dropped Supa Ugly); I really don't understand this "hardcore" position from someone who was on Change of Heart. Like seriously, if you go down the "keep it real" gangsta road all the time, every things is going to end with people playing that clip and laughing. If you do that kind of show you have to be a little emo with your persona. only option. Game doesn't seem to have the capacity or heart for keeping it real real.

All that said, the beef between Game and Jay in and of itself is a non-starter, but the fact that NPR and mainstream media picked up this political interpretation of the beef does mean it might have an incidental ancillary benefit for Jay's chasing of history. There's gold in them thar hip hop hills if you get MSM folks to think about it the right way. Since no one is confusing Jay's star for west coast repping Game, it probably does benefit Jay's interplanetary status to have an extra satellite hovering in his orbit.

The Game Responds to Jay-Z's Groupie Talk [2dopeboyz]


  1. Anonymous7/23/2009

    They're BOTH clowns plain and simple

    Barack Obama made one step for Blacks and now we stepped back 78675675768978979089 steps!!!

    The madness!!! Just another way to show that Black ppl aint shit [in the media world]

    I wonder what Jay's White friends would say about this? Hmmmm LOL

    Both of them clown niggas straight up.

    15 minutes are coming to a close imo and they just need to GO! Not doing anyting uplifting but spewing ignorant bullshit for these kids and ADULT KIDS to eat up.

    I guess the Breezy/Rhi thing died down and we gotta talk about MORE coon shit!

    *puts head down* I'm too through

  2. Anonymous7/23/2009

    The Game is a joke. This whole story will be the last we hear from him.

  3. Anonymous7/23/2009

    I don't see how Jay is acting the clown in this situation.

  4. soulfulwarrior7/24/2009


    I'll co-sign that two times!!!

    Nuff said.

  5. anon 9:16: remember when hov won battles by simply not responding? it gave him sort of a regal air, and probably contributed to his status as the closest thing hip-hop has to a ruler. with cam, and sorta with jim jones, most fans thought he was above even acknowledging their existence.

    so, with game, whose existence hov has failed to acknowledge for virtually game's entire career despite the multiple name drops on game's end, finally getting hov to drop his name gives him validation as an MC. by smiting a detractor who is far lower in the status-quo, hov sorta looks like the chump here.

    and i don't want that to sound like hating, as hov is my favorite MC. i just feel he should have known better.

  6. Anonymous7/29/2009

    thanks for the explanation. you're right. - 9:16

  7. Anonymous8/06/2009

  8. Anonymous9/11/2009

    It's unfortunate that these two are beefing because I respect both of them as rappers. However, Game needs to shut up now because dissing Jay is not like dissing 50 and G-Unit. Nobody is going to have Game's back on this one-If the Game was smart, he would apologize and shut up before Jay verbally and financially thrashes him.
    Game, you need to realize that you're barking up the wrong tree this time and Jigga is in a different league than 50 Cent.


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