Friday, January 22, 2010

TAN Guilty Pleasure Guide

so i write down things all the time. and sometimes you do it with no annotations or clues. sometimes you have some of the clue but not all of it.

all to say, i recently came across this and was bemused....

Guide To Guilty Pleasures

A: Anything From the 80s, ass, alternative porn, **award shows for black people

B: being racist, *blaming the condom, biz markee, buying from crackheads

C: Cosby, *Cuba Gooding Jr (hating on), **cumming too soon, [candy] cereals

D: *Diary/Email reading, other people's

E: explaining slang to white people (also, black people +2)

F: Fresh Prince, fat black women, Flavor of Love, Friends

G: Golden Girls, getting a metrocard swipe for a buck(bwahahaha), gambling

H: Halal street vendors, hopping the train, hip hop magazines

I: Ingrown hairs

J: slow Jams ...(mixes)

K: Kirsten Dunst, King of Queens, *Kevin Smith

L: **Lipgloss is poppin, Lil Mama

M: Meg Ryan, Maxim Magazine (sigh)

N: New Edition,

O: overhearing sex, Oprah, Onion Rings

P: popeye's chicken, picking fights, picking boogers, **PM Dawn

Q: quarter waters

R: R Kelly, R&B (same thing), "rapearations", rhymes, Run's House

S: Smurfs, saving money via the dollar menu, sandra bullock, sex in the city marathons, selling a metrocard swipe, smoking too much,

T: Tyler Perry, Timberlake

U: Using the supermarket circular

V: video games, violins in hip hop (also, flutes), vitamin water,

W: White Castle, weed, white girls, Will Smith


Y: yawning in someone's face, yeah yeah yeahs "maps" on repeat,


not sure what that asterisks indicate exactly. also don't think the metrocard swipe economy is popping such that it warrants a couple mentions anymore. black people award shows i might need to revisit. i kind of miss the old times when hip hop shows were guaranteed riots. The Oscars could use an old fashioned melee where Clooney throws his shoe someone or something.

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  1. Anonymous1/23/2010

    <3 <3 <3..but pray tell, what does this have to do with assimilation?

  2. admittedly it might be a stretch, but i think the idea that both assimilation and guilty pleasures are forces beyond our control is what i was reaching for. the general realm at least.


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