Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Breaking: Possible Lady Gaga, ft. Tiger Woods, Mixtape Song (audio, lyrics)

my name's eldrick, you can call me tige
mr. woods if you bring some friends
we can have one hell of a night
through the day

got these people staring, like i rock a beeper
other people hearing, "they ain't jockin'" either
but man, my girl rach
got a nice lil ass
yeah, my wife pretty
but got too much "class"
so f them other n's cause say they wouldn't stick it
f them other b's cause they all want my riches
and fuck all them w's who ain't down for some lickin
that's why i f them b's who just down for the trickin'
a lot of them is liars
but when its said and done
it's all the eye of the tiger now
i ain't trying to trip but my skins game is tight
and when i'm puttin' on her green i can really make her go ..


i get wood when girls touch my nine
know what i mean, we gonna be ok
i could say whatever you like
through the day

heard her say
hold up
tiger at the bar
what you call that?
a hole in one
ego petroleum
lay it like linoleum
yo, that's why i'm like, i deserve a mulligan
cause makin' girls cum again
like, oh, i won again
same will to power
got all y'all runnin in
circles to the top
breathe my vapors comin' in
it's different strokes, folks
and i'm phil drummond 'n'
on some what you talkin' 'bout, golf
the way i'm sonnin' em
it's off my plate
your food and grapes is flowin' in
pardon me, y'all
if i start clonin' em
but sex is my meds
for my serotonin 'n'


but y'all can do whatever you like
and if you want you can bring your friend
and you all have hell of a night
through the day

y'all blame it on the a-a-a-alcohol
got your bubbles stock markets all bound to fall
like to talk shit
while sitting on the shitter
scared to live your life
till it's trending twitter
i'm a keep it real
y'all deal in truthy
let them without douche
be first to call me douchey
if i played guitar
you'd celebrate my groupies
i'm cablinasian
sorry i don't rock a kufi
but they say
you be on this master shit
call me tiger
stroke em with this masters dick
i embody everything from the vijay to the veejay
on they mind like GA
when i school her like a b.a.

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