Friday, September 16, 2005

Fantasy Sports - Credentials & Week 1 Roundup

I’m a big sports fan. Football, baseball, and basketball. My good friend “hedgefund guy” introduced me to Rotisserie baseball during the college days, and the rest, as they say, is past tense.

Since my introduction I have played in and won numerous fantasy sports leagues, been awarded a flat-screen LCD television by for Fantasy Football dominance, and I’ve contributed content for a variety of websites and magazines. I am what some in the business refer to as an “expert.”

So for football season I’ll give a weekly take/analysis/outlook/perspective on the NFL. If you play in a league you should keep tabs on this b-l-o-g for the odd chance I tell you something you don’t know, or is not mentioned on any of the other multitude of Fantasy Football sites out there.

So after week one …

Quarterback – Fantasy football is about “difference-makers,” players who create a statistical stratification between themselves and the rest of the league. Last year Peyton Manning and Daunte Culpepper were difference-makers because they clearly outclassed the rest of the quarterbacks in the league in productivity. This year it looks like everyone should be relatively close together as both Manning and Culpepper come back to the pack a little. If you can trade a Culpepper or Vick for a guy like Kerry Collins, or Bulger, or maybe even Kurt Warner … and get a nice upgrade at RB or WR. You should jump on it. There’s tons of depth at QB and very little difference between 2, 10 and 15. McNair, K. Warner, J. Harrington, and even … dare I say ... Gus Frerotte are good value targets right now.

Top RB’s right now are – Tomlinson, Alexander, James, Deuce, J. Jones, Portis, - then McGahee, L. Jordan, and Dillon. These are the big boys. If you can get two of them, do it. Trade any QB, or any WR – except maybe Holt, Moss, Owens.

Other notes:

The value on Clinton Portis will only get higher. Washington O-line is healthier, and the schedule looks promising.

Bail on Thomas Jones as soon as you can.

In leagues that don’t penalize for interceptions, Vick is still a difference-maker.

Larry Fitzgerald, The Dolphins, and the Colts defense are for real.

Buffalo Bills, Tim Rattay, and Larry Johnson are not.

Pick of the week is Philly at home against the 49ers. Take the two touchdowns no problem...



  1. Anonymous9/19/2005

    Daunte Culpepper is suffering from Cordell Stewart Syndrome right now. It kills me, but Minnesota is going to be the worst team in the league this year. Carolina COULD be dangerous, but they have to go through New Orleans and Tampa - I think they could beat any team in the league except those key teams in their own division. I know that everyone has been on this bandwagon for the past 6 years or more - but Cincinatti and Cleveland are looking nice (cue music - some days are better than others)...

  2. I don't know about things looking "nice" in Cleveland. I'd have to see more. That said I do think the parity in the league is great ... everyone has an argument to at least be in the playoff hunt.

    Kordell never had a Moss to play with. But Matt Birk is the killer there. Pressure is the headline in all the reports on Minny. Can't establish a run, and Daunte's feeling rushed and without his security blanket.

    Jenkins is a big loss for Carolina. Ne didn't do it but I think some teams will run on them. I don't see them advancing.


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